Hardy And Sons

Hardy And Sons


A Chapter By Chapter review of the book series The Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dixon. New Episodes every Monday!


  • B2C18: Coast Guard Action
    B2C18: Coast Guard Action
    Duration: 02h39min | 15/10/2019

    Friends have fake drama and the coast guard flexes.

  • B2C17: Hostages
    B2C17: Hostages
    Duration: 01h02min | 07/10/2019

    While hiding, he family bonds over their rich history of poor decision making.

  • B2C16: Quick Work
    B2C16: Quick Work
    Duration: 01h04min | 30/09/2019
  • B2C15: Dire Threats
    B2C15: Dire Threats
    Duration: 29min | 23/09/2019
  • B2C14: Captured
    B2C14: Captured
    Duration: 01h09min | 16/09/2019

    The boys get captured. Obviously.

  • B2C13: A Startling Discovery
    B2C13: A Startling Discovery
    Duration: 01h15min | 09/09/2019

    The boys struggle to breath and make poor decisions and assumptions.

  • B2C12: The Secret Passage
    B2C12: The Secret Passage
    Duration: 01h08min | 02/09/2019

    The boys sneak around, unclothed. In general, Joe struggles.

  • B2C11: Cliff Watchers
    B2C11: Cliff Watchers
    Duration: 01h05min | 26/08/2019

    The boys watch a cliff and have a picnic on a boat.

  • Book 2: Halfway Point Summary
    Book 2: Halfway Point Summary
    Duration: 01h10min | 19/08/2019

    After reading the first ten chapters, we summarize so you can catch up if you don't have time to listen to ALL the previous episodes.

  • B2C10: A Watery Tunnel
    B2C10: A Watery Tunnel
    Duration: 01h08min | 12/08/2019

    Tony Prito steals a boat and the boys seemingly teleport to another dimension inside a rock.

  • B2C9: Plan of Attack
    B2C9: Plan of Attack
    Duration: 01h02min | 05/08/2019

    The boys fail to make a plan of attack.

  • B2C8: A Cap on a Peg
    B2C8: A Cap on a Peg
    Duration: 56min | 29/07/2019

    The boys and their mother make some bad decisions and then things get weird in Pleasantville.

  • B2C7: The Hidden Trail
    B2C7: The Hidden Trail
    Duration: 59min | 22/07/2019

    This is the chapter that ought to have been called Pretzel Pete. We finally meet the man. Then the boys find part of a towel.

  • B2C6: The Strange Message
    B2C6: The Strange Message
    Duration: 01h09min | 15/07/2019

    The boys struggle to read between the lines after quickly giving up on a chase.

  • B2C5: Pretzel Pete
    B2C5: Pretzel Pete
    Duration: 54min | 08/07/2019

    Pretzel Pete gets mentioned. That's it. He's not actually in this chapter in any way.

  • B2C4: The Rescue
    B2C4: The Rescue
    Duration: 01h01min | 01/07/2019

    The boys race each other to save a guy from drowning and then get sensual with his revival near a farmer.

  • B2C3: Landslide!
    B2C3: Landslide!
    Duration: 43min | 24/06/2019

    After instantly abating two disasters, the boys stumble upon a fight scene.

  • B2C2: Thief at Work
    B2C2: Thief at Work
    Duration: 42min | 17/06/2019

    With reckless abandon, the boys pursue a criminal. They worry about their telescope.

  • B2C1: Spying by Telescope
    B2C1: Spying by Telescope
    Duration: 49min | 10/06/2019

    In the first chapter of book 2: The House on the Cliff, the boys find the titular dwelling in the first few pages! They explain how to use a telescope and prepare to leave at the first sighting of a clue! They boys are back!

  • Embarrassment, $900, and a Cooky: Version Comparison (Part 6 of 6)
    Embarrassment, $900, and a Cooky: Version Comparison (Part 6 of 6)
    Duration: 01h28min | 27/05/2019

    In the season finale, we finish our comparison of the old and new versions and get ready for season two!

  • They Added Hobo Johnny: Version Comparison (Part 5)
    They Added Hobo Johnny: Version Comparison (Part 5)
    Duration: 02h46min | 20/05/2019

    Rounding the corner on the action of the story, we learn about what the new authors thought was "missing" from the original books. That includes hobo attacks, diaries, and a cooky.

  • Italian Racism: Version Comparison (Part 4)
    Italian Racism: Version Comparison (Part 4)
    Duration: 01h22min | 14/05/2019

    This is the moment for which we've been waiting. This is the rumors all coming true. This is the reason the books were rewritten. This is our history, recorded in a children's book.

  • Were All Flawed People: Version Comparison (Part 3)
    We're All Flawed People: Version Comparison (Part 3)
    Duration: 01h13min | 06/05/2019

    We get to know the younger, more selfish version of the boys a bit more. As well as their flawed, authentic father.

  • How Old are Old People? Version Comparison
    How Old are Old People? Version Comparison
    Duration: 01h01min | 29/04/2019

    David and Shaun discuss the difference between the original 1929 version and the 1959 rewrite of The Tower Treasure. We speculate about what it was like in 1929.

  • New and Old: Comparing the Versions (Part 1)
    New and Old: Comparing the Versions (Part 1)
    Duration: 55min | 15/04/2019

    The books were rewritten in 1959 for a handful of reasons. Too violent, racist, and degenerate. So we got our hands on an original and we're comparing the two!

  • Episode 20: Escape! (LIVE Finale @ The Monocle)
    Episode 20: Escape! (LIVE Finale @ The Monocle)
    Duration: 45min | 08/04/2019

    The Boys escape. We examine their journey with the crowd. It's fine.

  • Chapter 19: Loot!
    Chapter 19: Loot!
    Duration: 01h59s | 01/04/2019

    In a rare, well-written chapter, the boys celebrate for a full minute inside a water tower. Then there's a real cliff hanger!

  • Chapter 18: A Startling Deduction
    Chapter 18: A Startling Deduction
    Duration: 55min | 25/03/2019

    The boys meet a dog and have another picnic.

  • Chapter 17: An Unexpected Find
    Chapter 17: An Unexpected Find
    Duration: 25min | 18/03/2019

    The boys almost build tension, but the author releases it before they do.

  • Chapter 16: A Surprise
    Chapter 16: A Surprise
    Duration: 43min | 11/03/2019

    The Hardy's struggle with details as the author struggles with consistency of detail and exposition. Joe might have found a body.

  • Chapter 15: The Tower Search
    Chapter 15: The Tower Search
    Duration: 44min | 04/03/2019

    The boys search a tower. Again, their investigation proved fruitless. The narrator says "Hurd Applegate" a lot.

  • Chapter 14: The Confession
    Chapter 14: The Confession
    Duration: 25min | 25/02/2019

    The Boys' father verbally assaults a confession out of someone that's about to die.

  • Chapter 13: Teamwork
    Chapter 13: Teamwork
    Duration: 42min | 18/02/2019

    The boys vandalize a local grocer and terrorize a rival detective instead of solving a case.

  • Chapter 12: A Disturbing Absence
    Chapter 12: A Disturbing Absence
    Duration: 48min | 11/02/2019

    The Hardy's celebrate a man's impending death and pin their hopes on a hunch.

  • Chapter 11: Anxious Waiting
    Chapter 11: Anxious Waiting
    Duration: 25min | 04/02/2019

    The Sleuthing trip gets cut short when something actually happens. Frank goes slumming with Callie. Joe plays tennis by himself.

  • Book 1: Halfway Point Catchup
    Book 1: Halfway Point Catchup
    Duration: 01h11min | 31/01/2019

    If you haven't listened to our episodes on the first 10 of 20 chapters, this episode should catch you up to speed! We go over names, plot points, evidence, and motifs so you can join us in chapter 11 without missing a beat!

  • Chapter 10: A Sleuthing Trip
    Chapter 10: A Sleuthing Trip
    Duration: 34min | 28/01/2019

    The boys fly to New York on their client's dollar to see a play. It's not a good use of time or money.

  • Chapter 9: Rival Detectives
    Chapter 9: Rival Detectives
    Duration: 25min | 21/01/2019

    The boys cooperate with their father and aren't at all rivals. Fenton tends to his second family after the boys find a hat and jacket that a startled person must have dropped in the woods while walking on lids to hide their bootprints. Very normal things. VERY.

  • Chapter 8: An Important Discovery
    Chapter 8: An Important Discovery
    Duration: 36min | 14/01/2019

    The brothers lose sight of the true stakes of the investigation, and focus instead on their own reputations. A family is losing everything and the Hardy's have extra motorcycles.

  • Chapter 7: The Arrest
    Chapter 7: The Arrest
    Duration: 41min | 07/01/2019

    The boys learn more about the actual mystery and struggle with the fact that they've been ignored by their town for finding a car in the woods. It's very serious.

  • Episode 6: The Robbery
    Episode 6: The Robbery
    Duration: 18min | 31/12/2018
  • Episode 5: The Hunt is Intensified
    Episode 5: The Hunt is Intensified
    Duration: 39min | 24/12/2018
  • Episode 4: Red Versus Yellow
    Episode 4: Red Versus Yellow
    Duration: 29min | 17/12/2018

    The boys make questionable decisions that are encouraged by their parents. We search for intruders, find wigs, inspect wigs, and get in cars with questionable adults.

  • Chapter 3: The Threat
    Chapter 3: The Threat
    Duration: 33min | 10/12/2018

    The Tower Treasure, Chapter 3: The Threat. It's not what you think it is, though.

  • Chapter 2: The Holdup
    Chapter 2: The Holdup
    Duration: 25min | 03/12/2018

    The Tower Treasure's second chapter, The Holdup. (Note: There is no actual holdup in this chapter)

  • Chapter 1: The Speed Demon
    Chapter 1: The Speed Demon
    Duration: 29min | 29/11/2018

    Our dive into The Tower Treasure's first chapter.

  • Episode 0: The Promise
    Episode 0: The Promise
    Duration: 19min | 23/11/2018

    In this premiere episode, we setup our goals and dreams for this adventure. You can share yours with us at http://hardyandsonspodcast.com