B. J. Harrison Reads The Captain Of The Pole Star

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While in the middle of the arctic ocean, Captain Nicholas Craigie decides to cast anchor. His crew, however, is afraid that the ship will be trapped in the ice, which would lead to everyone's inevitable death, but the captain is unwavering. Suddenly, one morning, the second mate reports that he has seen a ghost during the night. Of course, everyone laughs at him and refuses to believe his words. But things change when sailor Milne also reports seeing a shadow wandering around their boat. One night the brave captain decides to go out in the dark to find the ghost.For what reason did the captain decide to anchor in the middle of the arctic ocean? What is this mysterious ghost that is wandering around the boat every night? Will the captain be able to find the ghost and solve the mystery? What will happen with the "Pole Star" and its crew?You can find all the answers in this intriguing short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.