Boost Your Memory And Focus Like A Modern Einstein Accelerate Learning Speed, Embrace Unlimited Memory Potential With State-of-the-art Techniques And Transform Your Brain Into A Powerful Machine

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Even if your memory has always been poor and you feel like you’re a total scatterbrain who forgets everything, with this guide you’ll be able to achieve a razor-sharp memory with easy techniques.
We all know that at some point in life we all go through memory loss. By the age of 27, in fact, our cognitive functions start declining and it is normal to experience memory loss as a side effect. Moreover, there are many elements that can aggravate our memory problems, such as depression, poor sleeping habits, alcohol or thyroid disorders. Stress is another common trigger of memory loss and there are studies that show that 75% of Americans feel constantly stressed.
In this audiobook, you’ll discover:
● How to BOOST in an instant creativity, memory retention, and problem-solving skills (You’ll develop new learning capacities and you’ll be able to absorb new information as never before!)
● How to maintain your cognitive functions healthy with ten simple practices.
● Ten kinds of brain exercises to use in your daily life to become as sharp as a tack.
● The real reasons why we experience forgetfulness.
● Effective tips to learn how to memorize dates and numbers.
● Which are the physical exercises more recommended for your mental health and why.
● How to expand your memory and obtain the greatest focus with some meditation techniques. (Extend your brain’s capacity and take control over your cognitive functions!)
And much, much more...
Even if you’ve always been a mess and you never remember details such as names, faces or dates, with this guide you will get to know the right tools and techniques to expand your memory capacity, do not lose your cognitive speed and boost your IQ.
If you want to access these expert-tested tips and tools, and finally transition from ‘total mess’ to ‘total mastermind,’ then you should start listening to this audiobook today!