Inner Restoration With No Pain: Self-transformation With A Feeling Of Hope And Lightness

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Being a literary success in Brazil, in the book segment of spiritual work, Ermance Dufaux teaches us that self-love is the foundation of personal transformation. When we understand the emotions and thoughts in the base of our attitudes, the challenge of inner renovation becomes a quest for liberation and from that self-discovery process we can achieve the answers on touching issues of our inner life and we can take control of our being.
"Emance, with rare happiness, manages to penetrate in the meanders of psychic issues, clarifying us about these cruel mental mechanisms that cause us to suffer instead of love, and self-punish instead of forgive.
For all that we have read on that matter, this book is, to our eyes, a bedside book to be read and meditated upon, seeking for its application in our everyday life.
Ermance, first clarifies then exhorts, inciting us to take a conscious attitude, so we can rescue ourselves from the mental mazes towards the clarity only love can bring.