French - Learn French - 100 Words - Adjectives: Learn 100 New French Words - Adjectives - With Bilingual Text

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amazing = incroyable

amusing = amusant

Do you understand
this first French words? 

Yes, you do!


Because it was presented to you using a new technique that is making learning languages easier than ever – the Bilingual Reading.

We created this book using this technique so that you can learn French language in a fast and fun way and whenever you want.

How it works?

It's simple: bilingual reading works by reading two versions of the same book or text at the same time.

One version is in the language you want to learn (in this case, we'll help you learn French) and the other version is in your native language or in another language that you feel comfortable with: here we will use English.

This way, you can use this book to learn French with stories for beginners with the bilingual reading natural method.

Using this method, you will quickly begin to discover the meaning of words in French and accumulate vocabulary quickly.

In this book you can easy learn 100 Words - Adjectives - reading it in your native language and in the language you want to learn.

Step by step, with this learn French book for kids or adults you will start memorizing more vocabulary in an easy, fast and fun way. It's a great tool for everyone interested in learn French language.

Let's start our French learning adventure?