How To Play Euchre: A Beginner’s Guide To Learning The Euchre Card Game Instructions, Scoring & Strategies To Win At Playing Euchre

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Master Euchre, Win More, and Have Fun with Your Friends!

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When you get your copy of How to Play Euchre, you’ll discover all the basics you need to have fun with this fast-paced and social game:

  • How to Deal Euchre Hands

  • What to Put in the Kitty

  • Determining the Trump Suit

  • How Trumps Affect Game Play

  • The Mechanics of Playing Euchre Hands

  • and much more!

You’ll also find out how cheating figures into the game of Euchre. If you’re quick and cunning, you can take advantage of fun actions:

  • Stealing the Deal

  • The Six Flags Move

  • Double Drawing

  • and Reneging

You’ll even learn how certain players work cheating into the game – and punish those who get caught!

This comprehensive guide to Euchre includes a full list of gameplay lingo terms and definitions. You’ll also find out how to play seven fun variations like Stick the Dealer and Three-Handed Euchre. With the Euchre strategy tips in this book, you can play, cheat, and bid like a pro!

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