How To Play Golf: A Guide To Learn The Golf Rules, Etiquette, Clubs, Balls, Types Of Play, & A Practice Schedule

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Join Your Friends on the Golf Course with Confidence!

Inside How to Play Golf for Beginners, you’ll discover:

  • The Rules of the Game

  • How to Calculate Golf Handicaps

  • Golf Etiquette Dos and Don’ts

  • The Various Kinds of Golf Clubs, Balls, and Other Gear to Get

  • The Many Types of Golf Play You Can Enjoy

You’ll even get an easy-to-follow Golf Practice Schedule!

This book describes the many types of golf courses you can enjoy:

  • Traditional Links Courses

  • Tricky Parkland Courses

  • Stunning Desert Courses

  • Challenging Mountain Courses

You’ll learn all about the different parts of a golf “hole” from the tee box to the green. This book describes handicap options for players of various skill levels and the concept of par. You’ll learn golf scoring lingo like birdie and double bogey – and how to strategize each hole for the best scores possible.

Inside this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn various types of golf strokes for different purposes:

  • Distance shots from long to short, as well as approach shots and putts

  • Objective shots for calculated risks and obstacle avoidance

  • Effect shots such as slice and draw that curve in the air

  • Altitude shots like backspin and low-level punch shots

Don’t miss out on this exciting and social game – get your copy of How to Play Golf for Beginners right away and step up to the tee with confidence!