Mummy's Boy

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No one can love a son like his mother...A psychological thriller from debut author J A Andrew for fans of T.M. Logan, My Lovely Wife and K.L. Slater.Patricia Mullner is trapped in a nightmare no parent should ever experience. Three years ago, her 17-year-old son Andrew vanished without a trace. There was no note, no goodbye and no body has ever been found. Now her days are spent in a fog of heartache and alcohol.But Patricia is more than just a grieving mother. As Andrew’s disappearance starts to unravel the perfect family she’s built with her husband, it seems that the actions of her past may be back to haunt her.Because someone is watching from the shadows - someone who knows exactly what Patricia is hiding. Someone who will stop at nothing to take revenge – and might just hold the key to Andrew’s disappearance...


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