Vertigo 42: A Richard Jury Mystery

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The inimitable Richard Jury returns in the latest in the bestselling mystery series: “Martha Grimes has written a whodunit with terrific characters and a grand plot mixed with her unique droll wit. Vertigo 42 is one smart mystery!” (Susan Isaacs, bestselling author of Goldberg Variations)

Richard Jury is meeting Tom Williamson at Vertigo 42, a bar on the forty-second floor of an office building in London’s financial district. Despite inconclusive evidence, Tom is convinced his wife, Tess, was murdered seventeen years ago. The inspector in charge of the case was sure Tess’s death was accidental—a direct result of vertigo—but the official police inquiry is still an open verdict and Jury agrees to re-examine the case.

Jury learns that a nine-year-old girl fell to her death five years before Tess at the same place in Devon where Tess died, at a small house party. Jury seeks out the five surviving party guests, who are now adults, hoping they can shed light on this bizarre coincidence. Ultimately, four deaths—two in the past, two that occur on the pages of this intricate, compelling novel—keep Richard Jury and his sidekick Sergeant Wiggins running from their homes in Islington to the countryside in Devon and to London as they try to figure out if the deaths were accidental or not. And, if they are connected.

Witty, well-written, with literary references from Thomas Hardy to Yeats, Vertigo 42 is a pitch perfect, page-turning novel from a mystery writer at the top of her game.


  • Vertigo42 01 Title

    Duration: 28s
  • Vertigo42 02 Ch1

    Duration: 27min
  • Vertigo42 03 Ch2

    Duration: 04min
  • Vertigo42 04 Ch3

    Duration: 09min
  • Vertigo42 05 Ch4

    Duration: 18min
  • Vertigo42 06 Ch5

    Duration: 17min
  • Vertigo42 07 Ch6

    Duration: 10min
  • Vertigo42 08 Ch7

    Duration: 09min
  • Vertigo42 09 Ch8

    Duration: 10min
  • Vertigo42 10 Ch9

    Duration: 11min
  • Vertigo42 11 Ch10

    Duration: 26min
  • Vertigo42 12 Ch11

    Duration: 04min
  • Vertigo42 13 Ch12

    Duration: 10min
  • Vertigo42 14 Ch13

    Duration: 08min
  • Vertigo42 15 Ch14

    Duration: 19min
  • Vertigo42 16 Ch15

    Duration: 05min
  • Vertigo42 17 Ch16

    Duration: 24min
  • Vertigo42 18 Ch17

    Duration: 13min
  • Vertigo42 19 Ch18

    Duration: 10min
  • Vertigo42 20 Ch19

    Duration: 05min
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