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Isobella Jade is a petite model, inspirational advocate for girls of all sizes, and the author of her modeling memoir "Almost 5'4"" and her graphic novel "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior." Her collection of short stories "Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model" features modeling jobs she done with Macy's, leg modeling with Victoria's Secret, Marshalls, Easy Spirit and others and tips for aspiring shorter models. Her show shares tips and advice for models of all sizes and inspiration, as she shares the outsiders in to the modeling business. You can also find interviews with beauty brands such as LUSH, Origins, Wet n Wild, Styli-Style, along with chats with fitness expert Gunnar Peterson and Fashion and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photographer Steve Erle, among others. Here, you will find the day in the life of striving to be who you want to be and do what you want to do. The best way to contact Isobella is through her website:
Check out the book trailer for Isobella's new book called "Careful" due in July:


  • Revenge, Bullying and Compassion in the new YA novel Careful

    02/08/2012 Duration: 23min
  • New YA novel Careful book launch reading and chat

    26/07/2012 Duration: 33min
  • Author Isobella Jade reads from her new YA novel Careful

    12/07/2012 Duration: 21min
  • Isobella Jade discusses her new book Careful

    19/06/2012 Duration: 19min
  • Listening to that voice inside and going with your gut

    19/01/2012 Duration: 21min
  • Isobella Jade on the way we use our time

    21/09/2011 Duration: 32min
  • Self-Publishing and Self-Promotion: pitching the press 2

    24/08/2011 Duration: 26min
  • Self-publishing and self-promotion: pitching the press

    17/08/2011 Duration: 31min
  • Kendra Scott: The jewelry designer on her core philosophies

    13/07/2011 Duration: 28min
  • Bradley Bayou: The Science of Sexy For All Sizes

    21/06/2011 Duration: 36min
  • Creating the marketing mindset of a shorter model

    17/06/2011 Duration: 28min
  • Aiming High and Living Up To Your Own Expectations

    19/05/2011 Duration: 28min
  • Creating marketable modeling photos

    05/05/2011 Duration: 22min
  • Inside the Big Handbag of the Little Model

    30/03/2011 Duration: 22min
  • Model Casting and Model Booking Tips

    17/03/2011 Duration: 31min
  • Being Your Own Best Publicist with Jessica Kleiman and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper

    16/02/2011 Duration: 31min
  • Parts modeling: bring your best parts forward

    10/02/2011 Duration: 26min
  • Petite models: discovering your assets beyond height

    02/02/2011 Duration: 30min
  • Modeling underdogs: It starts with belief

    26/01/2011 Duration: 24min
  • Modeling and Goal Setting

    19/01/2011 Duration: 27min
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