There's a first time for everything! And this is a podcast all about the first (and sometimes last) episodes of TV shows. Your hosts Patrick & Alan look at everything from the humble beginnings of classic shows to the forgotten flops you were never meant to see.


  • The Big Bang Theory (Unaired Pilot)

    The Big Bang Theory (Unaired Pilot)


    This week we look at the humble beginings of all your favorite Big Bang Theory characters like Sheldon, Leonard and of course Katie and Gilda. Wait.. who?

  • Naked Jungle

    Naked Jungle


    This week we talk about that time that we as a society allowed Keith Chegwin to be on television.And to host a nude game show.Nude.

  • The Man in The High Castle (Diamanda Hagan)

    The Man in The High Castle (Diamanda Hagan)


    We're joined by Diamanda Hagan (Channel Awesome) to talk about the Amazon pilot for the Ridley Scott produced adaptation of Phillip K. Dick's The Man In The High Castle.

  • Lookwell



    Adam West plays Ty Lookwell an actor who may not be a detective, but he played one on TV! And that makes him more than qualified to solve crimes... Or so he thinks.

  • The Adventures of Superpup

    The Adventures of Superpup


    This week on Pilot Season a bizarre 1950s kids show pilot about a skittish, lazy journalist/dog who named Bark Bent and his alter ego Superpup.

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