Oh My Wednesday!

Can the old gods survive in a world that lacks faith? What chance to they have against the new American gods? Dan, Kate and JR. are your guides to the wild and strange world of...

Color Green Films

Stories from Color Green Films on movies, art, events, and faith.


Everything from Kane to Jaws to Pulp to Fiction - A journey through film, music & novels, and their legacy on cults and society. Podcasting at it's GRINDest!

Radio Pixar - Enhanced Aac Edition

A podcast by the dedicated fans of Pixar at Pixar Planet, with the latest Pixar news, discussion and more. For shownotes and further information for each episode, head to...

Ucb Digital Podcast

A behind-the-scenes look at comedy filmmaking featuring conversations with creators about their craft in a converging digital media landscape. Expect to hear from a varied group...

Film Jive

A film discussion podcast hosted by Simone Barros, Zach Betonte & Andrew Swope.

Voccine – Pop Culture, Because It Matters

Christina Jeurling and Tomas Seo podcast about the most important pop cultural happenings in general and about television in particular! Discussions, banter and interviews with...

Stories From Captain Sean

Welcome to the place where we share audio recordings of stories, worldly insights, and TV/movie reviews - as told by the amazing Captain Sean!

100 Of Something

Encouraging artistic exploration

Lutherans Alive! Devotions

Since Lutherans ALIVE! began broadcasting its television show in September 2003, a weekly feature has been a short devotion generally delivered by one of three rotating clergy,...

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