Berenice From Cappadocia: The No Hero's Journey - Dawn
  • By Adriana Martins
  • Publisher: Máquina de Escrever

Berenice is not a hero; she is an ordinary person who had to go through tortuous paths, like all of us. But if Berenice experienced difficulties, like all of us, what does she...

Why Hyenas Limp
  • By Oda Wako Genale
  • Duration: 0:02:45
  • Narrator: Sara Powell
  • Publisher: SAGA Egmont

Hyenas can't walk without limping. Read this book to find out the story behind the hyena's limp.This story 'Why Hyenas Limp' has been published on StoryWeaver by African Storybook...

Best Foot Forward
  • By Rustom Dadachanji
  • Publisher: SAGA Egmont

Mr. Centipede wears 21 pairs of boots on his morning walk. But with so many legs to choose from, how does he know which foot to use first? Join Mr. Centipede and his garden...

Journey By Train Over Sea
  • By Vandana Rao
  • Duration: 0:02:54
  • Narrator: Sagar Arya
  • Publisher: SAGA Egmont

A short story about a little girl who is excited about travelling on a bridge over the sea.Journey by train over sea, written by Vandana Rao, Illustrated by Preeti Krishnamurthy...

Breaking Time
  • By Sasha Alsberg
  • Duration: 10:08:25
  • Narrator: Joshua Manning
  • Publisher: HarperCollins USA

"Perfect for fans of Outlander... A lush story of star crossed lovers and time traveling assassins." —Laura Sebastian, New York Times bestselling author of...

Motel Room
  • By Gláucio Imada Tamura
  • Duration: 0:09:00
  • Narrator: Gláucio Imada Tamura
  • Publisher: UBX

Does beauty attract loneliness? Why is it that some seemingly perfect people never manage to connect with their surroundings? Is it because they are snobby and arrogant? Or are...

Like Dogs Running in the Dark
  • By Gláucio Imada Tamura
  • Duration: 0:08:04
  • Narrator: Gláucio Imada Tamura
  • Publisher: UBX

Javier has everything a guy could wish for (fame, power and success), however, as the years go by he begins to feel a shaky emptiness within his heart, as if nothing else mattered...

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