Big Picture Big Purpose

You know you're meant to make a difference. Now figure out how to do it well. For leaders of non-profits, small work groups, schools, churches, families, and others who are...


We all deal with the same things in different ways. On Facet we look at these facets of our lives and the different ways we deal with them.


Want to WRITE BETTER STORIES FASTER? Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant, and David Wright are bestselling authors who produce over 2 million words of reader-pleasing fiction each year...

Comic Racks Snarkcast

Join us as we talk comic, movies, TV and pop culture from three very different perspectives.

Comics Podcast Of The Damned!

A no-holds-barred comics podcast with a unique take on comics, movies, tv and pop culture!

Fries With That

Fast food, Dining out, on the go. Fries With That is in the drive through with you. Keep on the latest menu changes and specials and get Jon's take on fast food!

My Mother's Secrets

If you would like to become a confident cook and the master of your kitchen but don't know where to begin you are in the right place my friend! Listen regularly, call in, send a...

Lore Of The Underlings ~ The Podcast

A poetically heroic and comically apocalyptic episodic ebook/audio epic. Come join the journey as author John Klobucher brings the tales of the Lore to life with dramatic...


Welcome to Wining Out Loud, a podcast (obviously) fueled by wine (obviously) and filled with friends! Basically, me and my friends are twenty-somethings trying to figure out the...

The Tenth God Of The Polygon

Altor's life was normal, even boring, until an Angel appeared and told him he had a destiny.

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