The Apocalypse Of Elena Mendoza

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From the critically acclaimed author of We Are the Ants and At the Edge of the Universe comes a mind-bending, riveting novel about a teen who was born to a virgin mother and realizes she has the power to heal—but that power comes at a huge cost.

Sixteen-year-old Elena Mendoza is the product of a virgin birth.

This can be scientifically explained (it’s called parthenogenesis), but what can’t be explained is how Elena is able to heal Freddie, the girl she’s had a crush on for years, from a gunshot wound in a Starbucks parking lot. Or why the boy who shot Freddie, David Combs, disappeared from the same parking lot minutes later after getting sucked up into the clouds. What also can’t be explained are the talking girl on the front of a tampon box, or the reasons that David Combs shot Freddie in the first place.

As more unbelievable things occur, and Elena continues to perform miracles, the only remaining explanation is the least logical of all—that the world is actually coming to an end, and Elena is possibly the only one who can do something about it.


  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 01 Open

    Duration: 13s
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 02 Ch1

    Duration: 22min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 03 Ch2

    Duration: 06min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 04 Ch3

    Duration: 08min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 05 Ch4

    Duration: 06min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 06 Ch5

    Duration: 07min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 07 Ch6

    Duration: 07min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 08 Ch7

    Duration: 12min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 09 Ch8

    Duration: 08min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 10 Ch9

    Duration: 05min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 11 Ch10

    Duration: 09min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 12 Ch11

    Duration: 12min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 13 Ch12

    Duration: 06min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 14 Ch13

    Duration: 13min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 15 Ch14

    Duration: 06min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 16 Ch15

    Duration: 06min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 17 Ch16

    Duration: 11min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 18 Ch17

    Duration: 06min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 19 Ch18

    Duration: 14min
  • ApocalypseOfElenaMendoza 20 Ch19

    Duration: 06min
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