Podcast – 101 Films You Should Have Seen





  • New Year Special: 2020 in Review


    A look back at the best and worst films we've seen this year.

  • #91: The Lighthouse


    Let Neptune strike ye dead Winslow! Hark, Triton! Hark!

  • Halloween Special 2020: The Devil Rides Out


    This year we discuss a classic Hammer Horror film starring Christopher Lee.

  • #90: The Iron Giant


    You think this metal man is fun, but who built it?

  • Podcast 089: The Breakfast Club


    We're all bizarre, some of us are just better at hiding it. Continue reading →

  • Podcast 088: The Big Lebowski


    Merely four months into the year, here comes our first podcast of 2020 - all about the classic Coen Brothers film The Big Lebowski. Enjoy. Continue reading →

  • 101 Films Special #13: Christmas Special 2019


    Our (sort-of) annual look back at the year in film. Merry Christmas, everyone! Continue reading →

  • Podcast 087: The Lost Boys


    The boys are back in town. This time with a look at a creaky 1980s vampire flick. Enjoy!

  • Podcast 086: Weird Science


    How does the 1980s classic cult movie hold up today? Well, Ian hadn’t seen it until now, so let’s find out what a middle-aged man makes of a teen film from 30 years ago… 101 Films Podcast 086 – Weird Science Advertisements

  • Extra #6: Star Wars The Last Jedi


    Is it good? Is it? IS IT? Yeah, sort of.

  • Podcast 085: Seven Samurai


    A reader recommendation this week – Seven Samurai from Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. What a treat it was! 101 Films Podcast 085 – Seven Samurai  

  • Podcast 084: Redline


    After a lengthy hiatus, we’re back with a look at the epic anime Redline, with its loopy characters and insane race sequences. Buckle up! 101 Films Podcast 084 – Redline

  • Podcast 083: Rosemary’s Baby


    It’s 101 Films favourite time of year, Halloween (or HALLOWEEEEEEEEENNNN!). Now we know our podcasting isnt as regular as it once was, but we always make a special effort for Halloween. This year we’ve picked as our subject what many consider to be finest horror film ever made; Rosemary’s Baby. Enjoy! 101 Films Podcast 083 … Continue reading Podcast 083: Rosemary’s Baby →

  • Podcast 082: The Producers


    Hello again, long time no see. Here we are with a tribute to the late, great Gene Wilder, with a look at The Producers. Now GIVE ME MY BLUE BLANKET. 101 Films Podcast 082 – The Producers

  • Podcast 081: Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    Never let it be said that 101 Films shys away from jumping on band wagons. Especially when that band wagon is hooked up to one of the most successful film franchises ever! Listen to Lewis and Ian’s thoughts on the the new Star Wars film. Is it better than the prequels? (yes) Does it hold … Continue reading Podcast 081: Star Wars: The Force Awakens →

  • 101 Films Special #12: Christmas Special 2015


    Merry Christmas everyone! As Lewis prepares to attend a midnight screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the duo look back over all the films they haven’t seen in 2015… and marvel at how violent the eighties were. 101 Films Special 12 – Christmas Special 2015

  • Podcast 080: All About My Mother


    This week we cover the 1999 film All About My Mother, which causes Lewis to reminisce about his Bohemian days in Barcelona and Ian to lament how old we all are. Also, Penelope Cruz dressed up as Mario. 101 Films Podcast 080 – All About My Mother

  • Podcast 079: They Live


    It may not be the best John Carpenter film, it may not be the best conspiracy film, it probably even isn’t the best film with a former wrestler in it’s lead role, but damnit, They Live is something special… 101 Films Podcast 079 – They Live

  • Podcast 078: Nine to Five


    A very, very belated International Woman’s Day influenced podcast. Lewis and Ian watch the 1980 screwball classic Nine to Five. 101 Films Podcast 078 – Nine to Five

  • Podcast 077: Boyhood


    Recorded on Oscar night, we give our wildly diverging opinions on the hotly tipped Richard Linklater film Boyhood, as well as offering our own, mostly wrong, Oscar predictions. 101 Films Podcast 077 – Boyhood  

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