Conversations on Civics Podcast

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The Conversations on Civics Podcast features interviews, speeches, lectures, and presentations by teachers, students, and scholars from around the world who are committed to democracy, the rule of law, and civic education. The series will occasionally include full-length versions of interviews that appear in edited format in the Education for Democracy Podcast. The Conversations on Civics Podcast is produced by the Center for Civic Education and supports the Centers main curricular programs: We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution, We the People: Project Citizen, the Civitas International Programs, the School Violence Prevention Demonstration Program, Representative Democracy in America, and the Campaign to Promote Civic Education.


  • Conversations on Civics Podcast, Episode 2: Abraham Lincoln Lesson for High School Students

    12/02/2009 Duration: 26min
  • Conversations on Civics Podcast, Episode 1: Ambassador Joseph Sullivan

    11/12/2008 Duration: 41min