Eric Wallace



From my secure closet just off the 99, this is my podcast. I look at technology news and how it impacts my everyday life.


  • The Tourist and the Pilgrim

    10/09/2015 Duration: 20min

    Eric Wallace looks at the ideas of fate and technology. Are they inexorably intertwined? Or is there a "Borg" Complex that makes it inevitable that new technology will be assimilated, thus removing the responsibility of choice? And what did all this philosophy have to do with Hillary Clinton's eMail server? From his closet waaaay off the 99, it's the Eric Wallace Podcast!

  • The Cornhusker Closet

    18/07/2015 Duration: 16min

    Eric and the clan pull up and move to Nebraska, enjoying some of the sights along the I-80. The President goes on a Podcast with a failed Air America host. The OPM hack. The Google Car crashes. The Media and how technology helps make the news we see and hear.

  • If We Can Put a Man on the Moon...

    31/05/2015 Duration: 24min

    Eric invites you into his closet and verbally shows you the place where all the magic happens. It really is in his closet, with boxes that were packed years ago and have never been unpacked. Don't judge - you have them too! Then he gets down to the business of the day. Will the Tesla Power wall replace all other forms of energy in the home? If we can put a man on the moon, why can't we (fill in the blank)? That single cliche is destroying our ability to think or understand the magnitude of problems and the solutions that are required. The USA Freedom Act is a good bill. Eric breaks down why he thinks so...

  • Movies to Clinton to Putin to Memes

    25/05/2015 Duration: 25min

    Eric Wallace takes you though movie news that has him excited, to the latest on Hillary Clinton, Why Putin is still a jerk, and how to make a meme!

  • The Courage of Bystanders

    14/04/2015 Duration: 27min

    When a recent Police shooting was video taped by a civilian bystander, and later provided proof that the Officers account of the incident was false, it served as a reminder that sometimes filming the activity of the authorities requires courage.