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Endued With Power is the fire powered i-Radio ministry of Revivalist Steve O'Brien. It is a voice of one crying in the wilderness preparing the way of the Lord into the hearts of nations. The calling is to preach and teach the Word of God, demonstrate the life and ministry of Jesus, and release fire and power of the Holy Ghost and the glory of God into peoples lives to touch and radically transform them while live online, audio recordings and blogging. If you are open and make yourself available to the moving of the Spirit you will encounter God and be changed forever. This I can promise!
Also see ministry website www.elijahscry.com
Pastor Steve
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  • EPISODE48-First Show Back From the Philippines

    14/08/2011 Duration: 50min
  • EPISODE47 - Jesus Christ, The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever Pt2

    03/07/2011 Duration: 45min
  • #4 Cyber Church- Jesus Christ, The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever

    03/07/2011 Duration: 47min
  • EPISODE46 - "Are You Ready?" Pt2

    26/06/2011 Duration: 01h07min
  • #3 Sunday Morning Cyber Church- "Are You Ready?"

    26/06/2011 Duration: 01h07min
  • EPISODE45 - Power For Successful Christian Living Pt3

    19/06/2011 Duration: 59min
  • 2 Sunday Morning Cyber Church-Welcome to Earth, "Fight or Die!"

    19/06/2011 Duration: 44min
  • EPISODE44 - Power For Successful Christian Living Pt2

    12/06/2011 Duration: 38min
  • 01 Sunday Morning Cyber Church: Power For Successful Christian Living

    12/06/2011 Duration: 01h06min
  • EPISODE43 - Commanding Your Life

    05/06/2011 Duration: 44min
  • EPISODE42 - On of the Greatest Keys to Victory in Spiritual Warfare

    29/05/2011 Duration: 50min
  • EPISODE41 - What We Need is a Revival of Love Pt2

    22/05/2011 Duration: 49min
  • EPISODE40 - What We Need is a Revival of Love Pt1

    15/05/2011 Duration: 46min
  • EPISODE39 - !st Show Back

    08/05/2011 Duration: 38min
  • EPISODE38-Solded Out the Whole Route & There Ain't No Doubt

    27/03/2011 Duration: 59min
  • EPISODE37-Manifesting the Kingdom Pt3

    20/03/2011 Duration: 42min
  • EPISODE36-Manifesting the Kingdom Pt2

    13/03/2011 Duration: 25min
  • EPISODE35 - Manifesting the Kingdom

    06/03/2011 Duration: 28min
  • EPISODE34 - Satan's POW's Are Being Released

    13/02/2011 Duration: 42min
  • EPISODE33 - God's Greatest Desire is, YOU!

    30/01/2011 Duration: 50min
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