Ross Baptist Church


We seek to impact the culture with Jesus Christ that through Him; lives, families and our community might be changed.


  • The Offer of Life

    The Offer of Life

    28/08/2016 Duration: 33min
  • A New Heart

    A New Heart

    21/08/2016 Duration: 43min
  • Relationships


    14/08/2016 Duration: 42min
  • Be the Change

    Be the Change

    07/08/2016 Duration: 38min
  • Go and Tell

    Go and Tell

    31/07/2016 Duration: 31min
  • Prayer of Jesus

    Prayer of Jesus

    24/07/2016 Duration: 49min
  • Prayer of Paul

    Prayer of Paul

    17/07/2016 Duration: 54min
  • Invisibility


    10/07/2016 Duration: 40min
  • Prayer of Heman

    Prayer of Heman

    03/07/2016 Duration: 43min
  • Prayer of Daniel

    Prayer of Daniel

    26/06/2016 Duration: 44min
  • Prayer of Moses

    Prayer of Moses

    19/06/2016 Duration: 45min
  • Prayer of Jacob

    Prayer of Jacob

    12/06/2016 Duration: 45min
  • Prayer of Abraham

    Prayer of Abraham

    05/06/2016 Duration: 48min
  • Dont Forget

    Don't Forget

    27/12/2015 Duration: 20min
  • A Walk Down Memory Lane

    A Walk Down Memory Lane

    04/10/2015 Duration: 42min
  • Anchoring Our Faith

    Anchoring Our Faith

    04/10/2015 Duration: 26min
  • Life of Honor

    Life of Honor

    10/05/2015 Duration: 41min
  • Believing the Resurrection

    Believing the Resurrection

    05/04/2015 Duration: 20min
  • Good Friday

    Good Friday

    03/04/2015 Duration: 22min
  • Not Guilty

    Not Guilty

    29/03/2015 Duration: 34min
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