Big Girl Panties


Big Girl Panties with host, Jennifer Ho: As a successful serial entrepreneur, business and mindset coach, I spent years learning from my experiences to get where I am. From broke single mom to thriving owner of 2 businesses, I will tell you...luck has nothing to do with it. So put on your big girl panties and listen as I share a raw and intimate look into the rollercoaster of joys and tribulations in my life and the lessons I've learned from the ride. Everyone has a story and here's mine. Big Girl Panties is produced at The Hangar Studios in New York City


  • Comfortably Uncomfortable

    Comfortably Uncomfortable

    07/11/2018 Duration: 15min

    There's a saying that life happens at the edge of your comfort zone. Maybe...but have you stopped to think how uncomfortable your comfort zone really is? In this episode of BGP: how being uncomfortable is an invitation, real hard lessons in business, having grit and the down and dirty truth of change.

  • See Me

    See Me

    23/01/2018 Duration: 33min

    How a beautiful curly headed stalker created a movement and made a model out of me, the joys of letting go and a powerful, and often missed, lesson given by airline stewards with guest Lorraine Massey, author of Silver Hair: A Handbook.Thanks to my beautiful friend, MJ Songstress, for providing the end music. Find her at: @MJSongstress, her single, "See Me", now available now on iTunes.

  • Hungry?


    03/05/2017 Duration: 15min

    What happens when your world crashes around you? Who do you become? Being broke, the joys of taking care of the elderly and a baby, and the reinvention of self.

  • Stripped


    17/02/2017 Duration: 13min

    What is intimacy and why would we want it? Time for me to get down and dirty on my experiences with intimacy, what surfaces in intimate moments and what it took for me to get vulnerable..finally.

  • “Big”


    11/10/2016 Duration: 14min

    Do you ever feel like a kid playing in adult clothing? Feel like everyone around you knows what they are doing but you? Listen in as I pull back the curtain on my experience of being an entrepreneur and doing what it takes.

  • Roadtripping


    03/07/2016 Duration: 14min

     The gift of sitting on a cactus, fire ants and other family vacation disasters. Can “mistakes” be gifts that keep on giving?

  • Three Days Missing

    Three Days Missing

    20/04/2016 Duration: 15min

    Losing three days of my life and the lessons I learned from not remembering them. A hospital visit, meeting an angel, vulnerability, and asking for help. 

  • “Raw”


    18/02/2016 Duration: 22min

    “Raw” is finally released. This episode took three weeks to write, record, and produce — then I had to decide if I wanted to even release it. The title says it all. Listen in as I get vulnerable and real about my experiences with 9/11, panic attacks and thoughts of ending it all. “Raw” is as raw as it gets.

  • Gaining in the Near Miss

    Gaining in the Near Miss

    18/12/2015 Duration: 16min

    An intimate conversation with mom. The lesson she learned from Botswana. The incredible way life throws a curveball when you least expect it and the reminder I received.

  • Opportunity Knocks

    Opportunity Knocks

    15/10/2015 Duration: 18min

    The adventures of a championship middleweight fight ring girl. An incredible lesson learned from a father’s passing and saying yes to opportunities before it’s too late.

  • A Partnerless Pregnancy

    A Partnerless Pregnancy

    20/08/2015 Duration: 26min

    Why can’t the guy on the radio feel his face? My life as a ballroom dancer, the high of being in love, and a partnerless pregnancy.

  • The Homecoming

    The Homecoming

    21/07/2015 Duration: 25min

    Go with me as I travel back to Oklahoma City after over 20 years. What does a local bar there use as wallpaper, what exactly is a lunchbox that you drink, why didn’t I get any sleep and do people really change?

  • The Passion Doctor, Dr. Adam Sheck

    The Passion Doctor, Dr. Adam Sheck

    17/06/2015 Duration: 24min

    The Passion Doctor, Dr. Adam Sheck talks about the psychology of attraction and what to do after the high of the honeymoon period has ended.

  • 2 Women, 1 Autistic Mute and Endless Possibilities

    2 Women, 1 Autistic Mute and Endless Possibilities

    06/06/2015 Duration: 34min

    Loud Mute Radio hosts, Barb Rentenbach, a 40-something mute autistic woman, and Dr. Lois Prislovsky, talk about how they met, why Lois has a Michelangelo painting on her ceiling and their definition of success

  • Growing Up Mixed Race

    Growing Up Mixed Race

    21/05/2015 Duration: 22min

    The hardships, the joys and the lessons learned in being biracial. Learn about how I got here.