These are messages from our live worship experiences. We hope that you are blessed as you listen to the Word of God and we pray that God will bring you closer to Him. We would love to hear your testimony of what God is doing in your life. Just email us and let us know. For more you can check out our website


  • The Death of Death

    The Death of Death


    In this sermon Pastor Jay shares the story of Jesus going to Nain and having compassion on a grieving mother. He stops the funeral procession and resurrects her son, and the city is forever changed. You will be changed as this word makes its way into your spirit. Speaker: Pastor Jay

  • Accused by not Condemned

    Accused by not Condemned


    One of the greatest stories that demonstrates the love of Jesus is the story of the accused women in John 8. She is about to be stoned but Jesus sees through the Pharisees and delivers this woman by showing that all have sinned. This story will encourage you and show you that no matter who you are the love of Jesus is for you.  Speaker: Pastor Jay Rhodes

  • Encounter in the Tombs

    Encounter in the Tombs


    In this message Pastor Jay shares from the story of the demonic Jesus delivered in the Tombs. Pastor Jay share how than when Jesus shows up the atmosphere changes. You will be blessed and encouraged by this message of power and hope. Speaker: Pastor Jay Rhodes

  • Encounter at the Well

    Encounter at the Well


    One of the most powerful stories in all the gospel is the story of the woman at the well. In this message you will learn how Jesus shows her love and bring truth to her through that love. This message will challenge and encourage you to see the heart of Jesus in a greater way. Speaker: Pastor Jay Rhodes

  • Body, Soul, and Spirit

    Body, Soul, and Spirit


    This is a Sunday Evening bible study that Pastor Jay did within this vision series. This has become the most requested message that we have had here at the church. Pastor Jay dives deep into the Word of God to show us how man is a triune being and how that we must allow ourselves to be led by the Spirit. You will find that you have everything you need and all you have to do is learn to access your spirit.  Speaker: Pastor Jay Rhodes

  • Thieves of the Vision

    Thieves of the Vision


    In our culture there are so many things that come along and rob us of all the things that God has for us. The thieves of vision is a sermon about how we have things that come our way that try and steal the vision that God has given us, which leaves us powerless. In this message you will learn what some of these things are and how to overcome them in your life so that you can have perfect vision.  Speaker: Pastor Jay Rhodes

  • Power of a Praying Church

    Power of a Praying Church


    This sermon was from our Homecoming 2019 service with Bishop Ryan Bristow. You will be blessed as Pastor Ryan shares the powerful affect that a praying church can have on any situation. You will learn what it means to pray and seek the face of God and how that can change anything situation.  Speaker: Bishop Ryan Bristow

  • Carried



    In this sermon Pastor Jay shares how some times we have to be carried to the table. As you listen you will see how that there are times when God will pick you up and bring you to the table of blessing. Many people are in the room but are you sitting at His table?  Speaker: Pastor Jay Rhodes

  • I Give Up

    I Give Up


    Pastor Jay uses an Old Testament story to show that when we surrender our lives to God completely, that He all ways delivers us from any situation. When faced with hard situations in life the only thing we as believers can do is just give up to Christ.  Speaker: Pastor Jay Rhodes

  • If you Can

    If you Can


    Have you ever needed something really bad but your faith was really low? Maybe even unbelief had come into your heart. In this message Pastor Jay share how Jesus helped a despair man overcome unbelief and He can do the same for you.  Speaker: Pastor Jay

  • The Trouble with Faith

    The Trouble with Faith


    Have you ever struggled with doubt? Most of us have in our lifetime and more than likely will again. In this message Pastor Jay share how to overcome doubt and release your faith.  Speaker: Pastor Jay

  • Wish You Were Here

    Wish You Were Here


    In this message Pastor Jay will share how there are times when we wonder where Jesus is at and why it is taking Him so long to respond. You will learn that a delay does not mean that Jesus is not working but rather that a greater miracle may be in the works.  Speaker: Pastor Jay

  • Keeping Unity

    Keeping Unity


    In this message Pastor Jay shares how that when we come into unity that God blesses us, but that unity is something that we have to work at and not something that comes easily. As a Christian we have to discipline ourselves to be united.  Speaker: Pastor Jay

  • Prayer Changes Things

    Prayer Changes Things


    In this message Pastor Jay shares how that the discipline of prayer changes things in your life. You will learn how when we pray that God response to our request if we are living faithful. Speaker: Pastor Jay

  • Do we have to Go

    Do we have to Go


    Have you ever wonder why does God require you to go to church? In this sermon Pastor Jay will share with you the benefit to being faithful to attending the house of God.  Speaker: Pastor Jay

  • The Objective of Praise

    The Objective of Praise


    Many have wondered why it is that Pentecostal worship is loud? Well in this message Pastor Jay shows through the scripture that there are times when we should celebrate God in a loud way. Praise and Worship has times of silence and times where the church should make some noise.  Speaker: Pastor Jay Rhodes

  • Revive Dead Bones

    Revive Dead Bones


    Pastor Jay uses a very common group of scripture to show that God wants to send revival. "Revival is to Pentecostals what a fire poker is to a fireplace". You will be blessed as you listen about the dry bones coming to life.  Speaker: Pastor Jay Rhodes

  • Preach Preacher

    Preach Preacher


    In this message Pastor Jay shares how that Pentecostal tradition is one where the Word of God has authority. In this message Pastor share how it is through the Word of God that we find strength, peace, and rest. This message will challenge you to dig deeper into the Bible and find all that God has for you.  Speaker: Pastor Jay Rhodes

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