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Jacked Kirby


Join Jack Kirby fans Mike D & Tommy Lombardozzi as they invite weekly guests to discuss and explore the work and contributions of the comic book industry's greatest creator. All hail the King of Comics!

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  • Episode 65- The Demon
    Episode 65- The Demon
    Duration: 02h30min | 21/01/2020

    For the first Jacked Kirby episode of the new decade, Mike D. and Tommy discuss the King’s seminal supernatural DC Comics creation, Etrigan the Demon! Also, comic book movies at the Oscars!    •Music- “Am I Demon” by Danzig

  • Episode 64- “Year End Wrap-Up!”
    Episode 64- “Year End Wrap-Up!”
    Duration: 01h06min | 29/12/2019

    It’s been awhile, but the boys are back! Join Tommy and Mike D. for the last Jacked Kirby episode of the decade! Hear why they’ve been MIA, what they have planned for the show in 2020, and what Kirby reading they’ve been doing/plan on doing!  Happy Holidays!   •Music- “Ding Dong, Ding Dong” by George Harrison

  • Episode 63- NYCC 2019!
    Episode 63- NYCC 2019!
    Duration: 01h21min | 16/10/2019

    Mike D. & Tommy hit up opening day of NYCC 2019 with their friends Big Al Accettura & Kenny Adams, recording some quick interview clips with comic book giants Art Adams, Jim Mahfood, & Michael Golden!  Then days later they hit the studio with Kirby Krew member Joey “The Clitigator” Armao and their old friend Joseph Flesche to talk about past Comic Con experiences in this very unique episode of The Jacked Kirby Podcast!  •Music- ‘Comic Books’ by Debbie Harry

  • Episode 62- Glorious Godfrey!
    Episode 62- Glorious Godfrey!
    Duration: 01h19min | 23/09/2019

    “Judge others! Enslave others! Kill others! Anti-Life will give you the right!”    Tommy & Mike D. are joined by Pavel Martinez of the Robots Vs. Taxes Podcast to discuss the political and social allegories (past and present) of Jack Kirby’s titular Fourth World hate-spewing revelationist of Apokalips, Glorious Godfrey! Plus political incorrectness, history lessons, and as always, good time laughs!   •Music- “Holy Shit” by Father John Misty

  • Episode 61- MIKE ZAPCIC!
    Episode 61- MIKE ZAPCIC!
    Duration: 01h09min | 16/09/2019

    Mike & Tommy talk about comics and Kirby with former AMC’s Comic Book Men tv star, seasoned podcaster, con-circuit staple, and current podcast studio magnate MIKE ZAPCIC! We recorded this episode at his A Shared Universe PodcaStudio, and had a great conversation with Mike, touching on everything from his family history with comics, to why he started a podcast recording studio. Mike’s a great guy with an encyclopedic knowledge of comics, so we had a great time with him! Join us!   •Music- “Digging Your Scene” by The Blow Monkeys

  • Episode 60- WALT FLANAGAN!
    Episode 60- WALT FLANAGAN!
    Duration: 02h06min | 10/09/2019

    The boys return with a very special show; for episode 60, Tommy & Mike D. sit down with WALT FLANAGAN at Kevin Smith’s comic shop, Jay & Silent Bob’ Secret Stash in Red Bank, NJ! Former star of AMC’s Comic Book Men tv show, current co-host of long-running, award winning podcast Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave, comic book artist, actor, producer, comic store manager, and lifelong comic book fan, Walt talks candidly with the guys about the comic book industry, working for DC Comics, being on TV, and of course Jack Kirby... plus a whole lot more! Have a listen and enjoy!    •Music- “Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother” by Monster Magnet

  •  Episode 59- Kirby Q  A (1)
    Episode 59- Kirby Q & A (1)
    Duration: 02h34min | 07/08/2019

    In this very special episode, Tommy & Mike D. are trying something new by answering Kirby-related questions sent to them by their social media followers and listeners. Lots of good questions sparked lots of good talk! Learning and laughs; it’s The Jacked Kirby way! Have a listen and enjoy!   •Music- "Question Freestyle" by Nipsey Hustle

  • Episode 58- “Eternals... the Movie?!”
    Episode 58- “Eternals... the Movie?!”
    Duration: 02h33min | 23/07/2019

    Episode 58- “Eternals... the Movie?!”   Will the recently announced Eternals movie be the next big thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?! Excited to see a purely Jack Kirby-created series on the big screen, Tommy Lombardozzi and Mike D. do some dream casting, plot ruminating, and tit joke making. Also, we talk about the new Sandman tv show coming to Netflix!    •Music- “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany

  • Episode 57- “Jack’s Green Arrow”
    Episode 57- “Jack’s Green Arrow”
    Duration: 02h45min | 07/07/2019

    DC Comics’ Green Arrow is not a superhero  Jack Kirby is known for, but his work on the character in the late 1950s has had a lasting effect on Oliver Queen’s mythos.   Artist Kieran Quinn (www.kxquinn.com) joins Mike D. & Tommy to discuss the character, DC tv shows, the complexity of golden age vs modern age comics fandom,  and also push their group art show at the Coney Island Brewery in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY on Saturday, July 13th 2019! (Be there! Plug, plug.)   • Music- “Take Back the Power” by The Interrupters 

  • Episode 56- DESTROYER DUCK!
    Episode 56- DESTROYER DUCK!
    Duration: 02h48min | 12/06/2019

    Co-created by Jack Kirby and Steve Gerber to fund Steve’s lawsuit against Marvel Comics in the late ‘70s, Destroyer Duck was a scathing analogy/adventure pitting Destroyer Duck against the evil conglomerate GodCorp! Join Tommy Lombardozzi, Mike D., & very special guest Chris Sorrentino (of the Super Live Adventure Podcast) as they discuss the history of this Eclipse Comics title from the early ‘80s... as well as fingerjob stories, Howard the Duck, Disney cartoons, & other fun things! Laughs and comic book info aplenty!   •Music- “Destroyer” by The Kinks

  • Episode 55- 5 Things, #5
    Episode 55- 5 Things, #5
    Duration: 01h22min | 12/06/2019

    For episode 55, we’re doing our 5th edition of our feature 5 Things! That’s alotta fives! Join Mike D. & Tommy as they give you their lists of five Kirby-related things they like and/or think you should know about! Learn something, dammit!   •Music- “I Can’t Drive 55” by Sammy Hagar

  • Episode 54- DC Showcase: Challengers of the Unknown
    Episode 54- DC Showcase: Challengers of the Unknown
    Duration: 01h09min | 06/06/2019

    Take a trip back to 1957 as Mike D. & TL introduce you to the Challengers of the Unknown, the DC Comics’ group of adventurers that Jack Kirby created which many say were the impetus for the Marvel Comics Universe! How?! Listen and find out!    •Music- “Don’t Forbid Me” by Pat Boone

  • Episode 53- Meet Paste-Pot Pete!
    Episode 53- Meet Paste-Pot Pete!
    Duration: 50min | 23/05/2019

    Sometimes a character comes along and inexplicably has your heart. For us, Paste-Pot Pete is such a character. Join Tommy, Mike D., & special guest Joey Armao as they discuss one of Kirby’s more ridiculous, but lovable, characters... a Jacked Kirby Krew favorite! Plus other comic book - and life-related good time ramblings for your entertainment. You will believe a man can shoot glue from a gun!   •Music: “Stick Like Glue” by Angel 

  • Episode 52- What If...?
    Episode 52- What If...?
    Duration: 01h14min | 16/05/2019

    What If the Original Marvel Bullpen Had Become the Fantastic Four? Find out by listening to this show! Jack wrote and illustrated volume 1, issue 11 of this late-‘70s Marvel Comics series, and Tommy & Mike D. talk about it... and much more... in episode 52 of The Jacked Kirby Podcast!  Have a listen, have a laugh... maybe you’ll learn something new in the process!    •Music: “What Ifs and Maybes” by Bromheads Jacket

  • Episode 51- “Cap’s Sleeper Saga”
    Episode 51- “Cap’s Sleeper Saga”
    Duration: 01h23min | 25/04/2019

    Captain America’s number one Nazi foe returns in this arc of his 1968 Marvel Comic! With the return of Red Skull comes to awakening of THE FOURTH SLEEPER... and the world is doomed! Tommy & Mike D. are joined by Joey Armao (“The Clitigator”) to discuss this action-packed yarn! Good fun!   •Music- “Ain’t No Fun” by Snoop Dogg featuring Nate Dogg, Warren G, & Kurupt

  • Episode 50- “This is 50!”
    Episode 50- “This is 50!”
    Duration: 59min | 14/04/2019

    Fifty episodes! Yowza! Mike D. & Tommy discuss the past, present, and future of The Jacked Kirby Podcast in the unique fashion you’ve come to know and love!   •Music- “Slow Down” by Bobby Valentino

  • Episode 49- Shazammin’ It Up!
    Episode 49- Shazammin’ It Up!
    Duration: 02h47min | 27/03/2019

    It’s the original Captain Marvel! Ed O’Hare from THE DC TV REPORT podcast talks to Mike D. & TL about the Captain and Jack Kirby and Joe Simon’s singular work on the character in 1941’s Whiz Comics, as well as a whole bunch more comic book and DC tv show fun leading up to the release of the Shazam! movie! Shout outs and good clean laughs are also included in our 49th episode! Tell yer friends!   •Music- “Shazam! Rap” by Daddyphatsnaps 

  • Episode 48- “Inker Spotlight: Joltin’ Joe Sinnott”
    Episode 48- “Inker Spotlight: Joltin’ Joe Sinnott”
    Duration: 01h17min | 20/03/2019

    It’s back; INKER SPOTLIGHT! It’s been awhile since we’ve had this feature on the show,  but we’re talking about Joltin’ Joe Sinnott on this, the 48th episode of the program! Mike D. & Tommy bring their pal Big Al Boulder (Alfred Accettura) back to discuss the inker synonymous with Jack Kirby’s run on Fantastic Four (and a WHOLE lot more)! Comics are talked about, art is showcased in an aural medium, and laughs are had!    •Music- “Triumph” by Wu-Tang Clan (featuring Cappadonna)

  • Episode 47- “5 Things, #4”
    Episode 47- “5 Things, #4”
    Duration: 01h12min | 12/03/2019

    Listen as Mike D. & Tommy bring back their feature, “5 THINGS”! This gives the boys an opportunity to discuss some Kirby goodness that may not warrant a full episode... and may teach the listener a thing or two (or five) about some deep Jack Kirby (or Kirby-related) stuff they may not know about! Plus, listener shout outs! It’s always a good time, kids.   •Music- ‘Big Five’ by Judge Dread

  • EPISODE 46- Skrulls! Skrulls! Skrulls!
    EPISODE 46- Skrulls! Skrulls! Skrulls!
    Duration: 02h33min | 06/03/2019

    Kurt Russell or Jeff Bridges? Quentin Tarantino’s giant head. Nunchucks to the testicles. These are some of the tangents we go on in an episode dedicated to the SKRULLS, the Marvel Comics’ alien race now appearing in the latest MCU film installment, ‘Captain Marvel’! Mike D & TL are joined by one of the Jacked Kirby Krew, Big Al Accettura, for the fun-filled 46th episode of the program where we discuss the creation and history of the shapeshifting aliens... and much more!    •Music- “The Great Pretender” by Freddie Mercury

  • Episode 45- Devil Dinosaur!
    Episode 45- Devil Dinosaur!
    Duration: 01h17min | 13/02/2019

    A cave-child! Aliens! Cro-Magnon men! Witches! Tribes! Triceratops helmets! A sexy monkey-woman! And, a giant red dinosaur that rules the valley! It’s Jack Kirby’s DEVIL DINOSAUR! Join Mike D. & TL as they step back into the age between beast and man to discuss this 1978 Marvel Comics series. Wild and wacky stuff, kids!    •Music- “Walking In Your Footsteps” by The Police

  • Episode 44- Bring On the Bad Guys!
    Episode 44- Bring On the Bad Guys!
    Duration: 01h20min | 30/01/2019

    Who’s your favorite Kirby bad guy?! Tommy, Mike D, and special guest Joey talk about theirs... but really only scratch the surface of great Jack Kirby-created (or co-created) villains!    •Music- “Magneto and Titanium Man” by Wings 

  • Episode 43- O.M.A.C.: One Man Army Corps
    Episode 43- O.M.A.C.: One Man Army Corps
    Duration: 01h17min | 24/01/2019

    Let’s take a trip to the future with The King! Mike D. & Tommy are joined by their pal Joey Armao to discuss Jack Kirby’s 1974 DC Comic’s series OMAC, the One Man Army Corps! Laughs are had and Jack’s vision of the future is explored by the boys in this fun-filled forty-third episode of the show!   •Music- “In the Year 2525” by Zager and Evans

  • Episode 42- The Incredible Hulk (1962)
    Episode 42- The Incredible Hulk (1962)
    Duration: 01h06min | 09/01/2019

    Dr. Bruce Banner is the Green Goliath... actually, the Gray Goliath! What?! Join Tommy & Mike D. for the first Jacked Kirby episode of 2019, wherein they discuss the first six issues of Marvel Comic’s The Incredible Hulk (1962)... before some major changes occurred.    •Music- “Nobody Loves the Hulk” by The Traits

  • Episode 41- Our Holiday Special!
    Episode 41- Our Holiday Special!
    Duration: 01h21min | 30/12/2018

    On Saturday, December 15th 2018, we went LIVE for episode 41! But unfortunate computer issues forced us to scrap that live show. :/ Soldiering on, your intrepid hosts Mike D. & Tommy decided to keep the holiday-themed episode plan by focusing on two Christmas-centric stories Jack worked on for DC Comics; ‘The Sandman in The Seal Men’s War on Santa Claus’ and ‘The Boy Commandos in A Break For Santa’. Enjoy the show, folks!  Happy Xmas and Happy New Year!   •Music- “Christmas All Over Again” by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

  • Episode 40 - Our Worst Episode Yet!
    Episode 40 - Our Worst Episode Yet!
    Duration: 58min | 18/12/2018

    Welcome to Episode 40... our worst episode yet! Mike D. & Tommy were tired and ill prepared while trying to deliver an episode focusing on some random characters Jack worked on during his last days at DC Comics in the mid-‘70s. There are audible yawns, unrelated tangents, rapping, good hearty laughs, and shout outs!  (Hey, they can’t all be winners, folks.)   •Music- “Get Money” by Junior M.A.F.I.A.

  • Episode 39- Stan Lee, R.I.P.
    Episode 39- Stan Lee, R.I.P.
    Duration: 02h52min | 03/12/2018

    Stan Lee passed away on November 12th, 2018. In this episode of the show, Tommy & Mike D. are joined by Jacked Kirby co-producer and technical whiz ROB MARTIN (of Cultural Compulsive Disorder. www.CCD.NYC) to discuss the legacy... and controversies... of this iconoclast who co-created with The King some of pop-culture’s/comicdom’s most beloved characters. Excelsior!    *Stick around after OUR show for a bonus; WBAI’s Earthwatch radio show appearance of Jack Kirby on his 70th birthday (August 28th, 1987), wherein he gets a surprise phone call from Stan “The Man” Lee!  •Music- “I’m the Man” by Joe Jackson

  • Episode 38- “Kang Tut!”
    Episode 38- “Kang Tut!”
    Duration: 01h23min | 15/11/2018

    From beneath the surface of the Earth, Gary returns to talk with Tommy & Mike D. about Marvel Comics’ time traveling fiend RAMA TUT/KANG THE CONQUEROR! Specifically, how his past (and future) were retconned using early Marvel Universe time travel! Wacky stuff!   •Music- ‘King Tut’ by Steve Martin & The Toot Uncommons

  • Episode 37- “5 Things, #3”
    Episode 37- “5 Things, #3”
    Duration: 01h02min | 08/11/2018

    Our FIVE THINGS feature is back for a third time, wherein TL & Mike D. make lists of five Kirby-centric things they like, dislike, question, etc. Joined by their good buddy Lil’ Stevie Milone (chiming in here and there), the laughs are as plenty as the Kirby info! Also, listener/follower shout outs!   •Music- ‘Five Gears in Reverse’ by Elvis Costello and The Attractions

  • Episode # 36- “MONSTERS!”
    Episode # 36- “MONSTERS!”
    Duration: 01h28min | 29/10/2018

    GARY ESPOSITO IS ON THIS PODCAST! Yes friends, our good buddy Gary... aka The Mole Man... is back in Brooklyn after living in sunny California for a bit (albeit under the Earth’s crust), and we FINALLY have him as a guest! Just in time for Halloween, Gary joins hosts Mike D. & Tommy Lombardozzi to talk about Kirby’s Marvel Monsters (and much more)! Have a listen and a laugh... and tell yer friends to, too!    •Music- ‘Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)’ by David Bowie

  • #35- “Live From St. Mark’s Comics 2!”
    #35- “Live From St. Mark’s Comics 2!”
    Duration: 01h23min | 30/09/2018

    On Friday, September 28th 2018, the Jacked Kirby boys did their annual live recording at St. Mark’s Comics in NYC’s East Village (11 St. Mark’s Place. NY, NY 10003) to kick off NY SUPERWEEK leading up to NYCC! Back for their second year, Mike D. & TL invite some friends to join them to discuss the King and his influence in current pop-culture, comic book culture, and more! JK tech-master/producer ROB MARTIN kicks off the conversation with the boys, followed by St. Mark’s Comics’ proprietor MITCH ... then their old pal REV. SAL MONDRONE jumps on for some laughings... and the whole show concludes with artist/musician/Kirby Kollector JASIN CADIC!  So have a listen and see how the Jacked Kirby Krew handle a live audience at NYC’s preeminent mom ‘n’ pop comic shop during operating hours! Fun times! •Music- ‘New York Groove’ by Ace Frehley 

  • #34- “Jack’s Turtle Power!”
    #34- “Jack’s Turtle Power!”
    Duration: 02h33min | 26/09/2018

    Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as independent comic book characters, and they would go on to become world-wide phenomenons! What’s Jack Kirby have to do with the TMNT?! Listen to this episode to find out! TL & Mike D. invite special guest Chris Sorrentino of Super Live Adventure Podcast to talk about Jack’s influence (and even appearances) on/in the Turtles’ world! Hi-jinx ensue!    •Music- ‘Dance of the Platypus’ by the Wahoo Skiffle Crazies 

  • #33- “Jack in the House Of Mystery!”
    #33- “Jack in the House Of Mystery!”
    Duration: 57min | 19/09/2018

    Kirby’s early days at DC Comics saw him doing a variety of genres, most notable in the anthology series House of Mystery. Mike D., TL, and guest Sam James Jr. run through the stories he produced for the book in the late ‘50s, ranging from sci-fi to the macabre! •Music- ‘Look In To My Eyes’ by Bounty Killer

  • #32- “The X-Men!” (1963)
    #32- “The X-Men!” (1963)
    Duration: 02h57min | 09/09/2018

    What would become one of Marvel Comics’ most popular franchises had a very slow start in the hands of Stan and Jack. Join Tommy, Mike D., and their very special guest Sam James Jr. of Jamaica as they explore the roots of the X-Men and the impact the title and characters would eventually have on comicdom & pop-culture. •Music- ‘Ex-Factor’ by Lauryn Hill

  • #31- “Tales to Astonish: The Gorilla-Man!”
    #31- “Tales to Astonish: The Gorilla-Man!”
    Duration: 49min | 30/08/2018

    A mad scientist named Ratsdick transfers his mind into the body of a gorilla to commit crimes... and then gets shot off to the moon?! Yep. Your hosts Mike D. & Tommy discuss the two Gorilla-Man stories in Marvel’s anthology book ‘Tales to Astonish’ (issues 28 & 30, 1962). Oh man, this is one wacky party! (BYOB: Bring Your Own Bananas!) Also, shout outs! •Music- ‘You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)’ by The Dickies

  • #30- “Jack, Ant-Man,  The Wasp!”
    #30- “Jack, Ant-Man, & The Wasp!”
    Duration: 01h24min | 21/08/2018

    Marvel Studios’ latest movie is the superhero hit ‘Ant-Man & The Wasp’. Joined by Tommy’s brother Michael, Mike D. and TL delve into the histories of both characters and also guess as to the fate of Ant-Man in the MCU!  •Music- ‘I Wish’ by Skee-Lo

  • #29- “Steve Ditkoed!”
    #29- “Steve Ditkoed!”
    Duration: 02h33min | 08/08/2018

    With the recent passing of comic legend Steve Ditko in June of 2018, Tommy and Mike D. have invited Alfred “Big Al” Accettura to discuss the controversial creator’s work, philosophies, field contributions, and relationship with “King” Kirby.   •Music- ‘Spider-Man (Cartoon Theme)’ by The Ramones

  • #28- “This Man... This Monster! A Jacked Kirby Audio Play”
    #28- “This Man... This Monster! A Jacked Kirby Audio Play”
    Duration: 55min | 27/07/2018

    Our first audio play! Recorded on the anniversary of our very first episode, Tommy & Mike D are joined by Jacked Kirby Krew members JOEY ARMAO, REVEREND SAL, BIG “AL” ACCETTURA, YOUNG JAMES WEST, & super-producer ROB MARTIN in bringing to life the classic Fantastic Four story from issue 51 of the original series (1966) entitled “This Man... This Monster!” Oh, it’s a good time! Happy Anniversary to us! (But YOU, lucky listener, get the gift!) •Music- ‘Fantastic Voyage’ by Lakeside

  • #27- “Year One: The Recap”
    #27- “Year One: The Recap”
    Duration: 01h11min | 05/07/2018

    It’s been a year since the podcast kicked off! Join Tommy & Mike D. as they talk about the show’s beginnings... and its future! From Instagram to iTunes, with old friends and new, the fellas wax on about their mutual love for Kirby & talk about the past year’s experiences doing the show... while also making jokes about Gary’s dick. Nice.   •Music- ‘One Year Of Love’ by Queen

  • #26 - Jack’s Weird Mystery Tales!
    #26 - Jack’s Weird Mystery Tales!
    Duration: 01h12min | 19/06/2018

    Take a trip into a world of the mysterious and macabre as Mike D. & Tommy discuss Jack Kirby’s work in the DC Comics’ 1972-‘75 anthology series ‘WEIRD MYSTERY TALES’!  We talk about the inception of the series, showing the history of the Kirby stories featured in the title’s first three issues!    •Music- ‘Diary of a Madman’ by Gravediggaz

  • #25 - ‘A Jack Kirby Odyssey’... LIVE! May 12th, 2018
    #25 - ‘A Jack Kirby Odyssey’... LIVE! May 12th, 2018
    Duration: 01h03min | 06/06/2018

    The Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center invited us to do a live recording of our show from their pop-up gallery event “A Jack Kirby Odyssey”, centered around Jack’s Marvel Comics’ ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ work... as the 50th anniversary of the Stanley Kubrick film looms near! Hosts Mike D. & Tommy are joined by the Kirby Museum’s RAND HOPPE & TOM KRAFT to discuss the event, as well as Jacked Kirby Krew members and Kirby fans JOEY ARMAO & JOSEPH MILAZZO! Recorded live on Saturday May 12th, 2018 at the One Art Space in NYC.  •Music- “The Hogyssey” by Spacehog

  • #24 - The Avengers Issue #4 (1964)
    #24 - The Avengers Issue #4 (1964)
    Duration: 01h24min | 01/06/2018

    “Captain America Lives Again!” in Marvel Comics’ issue number 4, volume 1, of The Avengers! (1964) Mike D. & TL are joined once again by their pal Big Al Boulder to talk about this penultimate issue of the early Marvel superhero line, and its effect on the Marvel Universe for years to come! More singing, more Gary jokes, and more shout-outs than the Hulk can carry! Join us for some fun!   Outro Music- “Under the Sea” by Sebastian the Crab

  • #23 - Inker Spotlight: George Roussos
    #23 - Inker Spotlight: George Roussos
    Duration: 01h12min | 24/05/2018

    We’re starting off our Kirby inker spotlight episodes (there will be more!) focusing on GEORGE ROUSSOS (aka GEORGE "INKY"  BELL)! Joined by Al Accettura, hosts Tommy & Mike D. discuss the importance of a good inker, George’s work with Kirby (and his other many credits), art, and of course “King” Kirby... with lots of laughs and singing!     Outro Music- “If I Didn’t Care” by The Ink Spots

  • #22- Some First Issue Specials Atlas  The Dingbats
    #22- Some First Issue Specials; Atlas & The Dingbats
    Duration: 01h05min | 09/05/2018

    DC Comics’ ‘1st Issue Special’ title had Jack Kirby creating some... interesting characters. In this episode, TL & Mike D. talk about the ill-fated “first issues” of ATLAS & THE DINGBATS OF DANGER STREET! (Plus Cosby Kids, shout-outs, & Gary jokes galore!) •Music- “Playground” by Another Bad Creation

  •  #21- Infinity Fever!
    #21- Infinity Fever!
    Duration: 01h08min | 01/05/2018

    ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is upon us! Although Jack didn’t create Thanos, he created or co-created a ton of characters appearing in the new Russo Bros.’ MCU movie... so Mike D. & Tommy are gonna talk about ‘em in this episode! •Music- “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears For Fears

  • #20 - 5 Things, #2
    #20 - 5 Things, #2
    Duration: 51min | 18/04/2018

    Tommy & Mike pick another five random things about the "King of Comics" that they either love, hate, or are confused by. Random fun! Big laughs!  Music- "I Got 5 On It" by Luniz

  • #19 - Jack Visits The Chamber of Dakness
    #19 - Jack Visits The Chamber of Dakness
    Duration: 52min | 12/04/2018

    Hosts Mike D. and TL talk about Jack Kirby's two stories in issues 4 & 5 of the Marvel anthology series 'Chamber of Darkness' (from 1970). Added bonus; Mike sings '90s r'n'b! Music- "Back At One" by Brian McKnight

  • #18 - New Gods...The Movie!?
    #18 - New Gods...The Movie!?
    Duration: 01h29min | 03/04/2018

    Tommy and Mike D. discuss the recent announcement of the upcoming New Gods movie, helmed by director Ava DuVernay, digging into their skepticism and hopes for the film. They also pick their dream cast, like real nerds! Music- "Bizarre" by U-God

  • # 17 - The Galactus Trilogy
    # 17 - The Galactus Trilogy
    Duration: 01h07min | 25/03/2018

    Mike D., TL, and guest Young James talk about the long-lasting impression left by the 1966 three issue Fantastic Four arc famously known as "The Galactus Trilogy"! The art, the impact, the outfits, and ... the Wu-Tang?! Music- "Surfing with the Alien"- by Joe Satriani

  • #16 - Foraging With Bug
    #16 - Foraging With Bug
    Duration: 01h10min | 21/03/2018

    Hosts Tommy and Mike D. explore the underground Colony of Apokalips with special guest James West Esq., digging up dirt on Forager aka Bug! The discussion starts with the character's introduction by King Kirby, and tunnels all the way to Mike & Lee Allred's DC's Young Animal 2017 miniseries... with many fun detours along the way! Music- "Bug City"- by The Presidents of the United States of America

  • #15 - The Captain Meets The Panther: A Tale of Suspense
    #15 - The Captain Meets The Panther: A Tale of Suspense
    Duration: 01h10min | 13/03/2018

    Mike D. and TL are joined once again by Joey Armao to talk about the meeting of Captain America & Black Panther in the pages of 1968's 'Tales of Suspense' issues 97, 98, and 99... leading up to Cap's solo title with 'Captain America' issue 100! Action is to be discussed, art is to be admired, laughs are to be had!    Music- "Give It Up or Turnit A Loose (In the Jungle Groove)" -JAMES BROWN

  • #14 - Welcome to Wakanda
    #14 - Welcome to Wakanda
    Duration: 02h30min | 04/03/2018

    Tommy and Mike D. talk the Black Panther with their pal Joey Armao. The discussion starts with Jack Kirby's original concept drawing and leads up to the Marvel Studios' hit movie... with lots of twists and turns along the way!  Music- "Bloody Waters" -Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Anderson Paak, & James Blake)

  • #13 - 5 Things, #1
    #13 - 5 Things, #1
    Duration: 53min | 01/01/2018

    Mike D & TL introduce a new feature called "5 Things", where they talk about five random things they each love (or hate) regarding The King's work... and Tommy attempts a German accent!

    Duration: 02h42min | 03/12/2017

    Tommy & Mike D talk about the Jack Kirby touches in the recently released movies 'Thor: Ragnarok' and 'Justice League', and they ponder future film and tv possibilities using other Kirby creations!

  • #11 - Hookin Up with Dean Haspiel!
    #11 - Hookin' Up with Dean Haspiel!
    Duration: 02h58min | 23/10/2017

    TL & Mike D. talk to award-winning cartoonist and comic book veteran DEAN HASPIEL in his Brooklyn studio, touching on a variety of subjects including Dino's current projects, the state of the comic book & comic book film industries, and of course, The King!

  • #10 - LIVE From St. Marks Comics
    #10 - LIVE From St. Mark's Comics
    Duration: 01h09min | 10/10/2017

    Join hosts Mike D and Tommy as they host CCD’s 4th annual LIVE PODCAST from St. Mark’s Comics to kick of NYCC Superweek!!! Guests Fred Van Lente, Rand Hoppe and Arlen Schumer join the boys as well as CCD’s own Jedi Rob!!! 

  • #9 - Introducing... The Great Arlen Schumer!
    #9 - Introducing... The Great Arlen Schumer!
    Duration: 02h49min | 18/09/2017

    Mike D & Tommy are joined by comic historian Arlen Schumer to discuss the historical significance of Jack's body of work as well many other fantastic topics...

  • #8 - 2001 A Space Odyssey - Marvel Treasury Edition (1976)
    #8 - 2001 A Space Odyssey - Marvel Treasury Edition (1976)
    Duration: 01h20min | 11/09/2017

    Mike D & Tommy are joined by artist Joe Milazzo to discuss Jack's adaption to the film 2001: A Space Odyssey- Marvel Treasury Edition (1976)

  • #7 - Tales of Asgard
    #7 - Tales of Asgard
    Duration: 01h27min | 15/08/2017

    Join hosts Tommy Lombardozzi, Mike D & special guest Al Accettura as the take a trip across the Bi-Frost Bridge to Asgard !!!

  • #6.5 - Fireside Chat 1- Mister Miracle Issue #1
    #6.5 - Fireside Chat 1- Mister Miracle Issue #1
    Duration: 32min | 05/08/2017

    Join host Mike D for a short "Fireside Chat" about Mister Miracle Issue #1, one of his favorite Kirby comic issues ever!!!

  • # 6 - The King Goes to the Movies!
    # 6 - The King Goes to the Movies!
    Duration: 01h16min | 25/07/2017

    This week Tommy & Mike D discuss Jack's influence on the MCU (and TV shows), both over the last 9 years and moving forward!

  • #5 The Jacked Kirby Art Show LIVE!
    #5 The Jacked Kirby Art Show LIVE!
    Duration: 01h21min | 17/07/2017

    Mike D & Tommy are joined by Nelson DeCastro, Vin Ferrante & Rand Hoppe at the FIRST EVER live recording of the Jacked Kirby Podcast! 

  • #4 - The King of Covers!
    #4 - The King of Covers!
    Duration: 54min | 10/07/2017

    Mike D & Tommy are joined by James West & Joey Armao as they discuss some of Jack's greatest comic covers,  including their own personal faves!

  • #3 - The Cosmic Kirby
    #3 - The Cosmic Kirby
    Duration: 01h02min | 18/06/2017

    Mike D & Tommy are joined by Al Accettura & Joey Armao as they travel across the universe alongside Kirby on his many cosmic adventures.

  • #2 - The First Family of Comics
    #2 - The First Family of Comics
    Duration: 55min | 16/06/2017

    Hosts Mike D & Tommy are joined by James West and Reverend Sal to discuss the importance of the Fantastic Four, the First Family of Comics.

  • #1 - How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Jack Kirby!
    #1 - How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Jack Kirby!
    Duration: 01h23min | 14/06/2017

    Mike D, Tommy, & members of the CCD crew discuss the moment they all realized how important Jack "King" Kirby is to world of comics.