Chronic Curiosity Podcast

Chronic Curiosity Podcast


A podcast for fans of history, mystery, and the devil's lettuce. New episode every 2 weeks. Hash it out with us at


  • 3. Threatin
    3. Threatin
    Duration: 18min | 07/03/2019

    Episode 3 of Chronic Curiosity! Honey is Threatin's #1 fan. Enjoy this palate cleanser recorded back around Thanksgiving, and expect a new episode in a couple weeks! Email us at

  • 2. The Hart Family
    2. The Hart Family
    Duration: 02h32min | 31/01/2019

    Biscuit got a little too stoney, but enjoy Honey ranting about the Hart mothers. Rest in Power Ciara Rose, Markis, Jeremiah, Hannah, and Abigail. Come home Devonte. Vera6240's timeline: Babycenter forum thread:

  • 1. Giles Corey
    1. Giles Corey
    Duration: 25min | 16/01/2019

    Episode 1 of Chronic Curiosity! History lovers, spark up and enjoy a true tale set during the Salem Witch Trials. Email us at