A critique of the news, a lambasting of the media, and a shrewd and satirical jab at politics and government. Outside the Box is a wild and crazy ride through current events, social change, academia, science, history, and entertainment. In each no-holds-barred episode, Kelvin and Jeremy tackle a new and current topic, always. Theyll make you laugh, cry, and beg for more (or to stop already...). From the practical to the absurd, their sole goal is to move your thinking just a little bit further outside the box. Kelvin is an English professor at Hunter College, and Jeremy is an entrepreneur who focuses on health and nutrition.


  • Air Conditioning – Life Before and After – OTB 026

    01/12/2014 Duration: 36min
  • Electronic Packrat – OTB 025

    24/11/2014 Duration: 25min
  • Outside The Box 024: Subject Object

    17/11/2014 Duration: 58min
  • Outside The Box 023: The Western Concept of the Family

    10/11/2014 Duration: 01h26min
  • Outside The Box 022: The Hobby Lobby Case

    03/11/2014 Duration: 39min
  • Outside The Box 021: Do We Need to Be Productive?

  • Outside The Box 020: The Good Life

    20/10/2014 Duration: 27min
  • Outside The Box 019: Gossip

    13/10/2014 Duration: 29min
  • Outside The Box 018: Meal time

    06/10/2014 Duration: 48min
  • Outside The Box 017: The Scottish Referendum

    30/09/2014 Duration: 50min
  • Outside The Box 016: Environmental Regulations

    04/08/2014 Duration: 39min
  • Outside The Box 015: Cosmos

    28/07/2014 Duration: 33min
  • Outside the Box 014: BitCoin

    21/07/2014 Duration: 41min
  • Outside the Box 013: Chinese Internet Censorship

    14/07/2014 Duration: 30min
  • Outside The Box 012: Is Facebook’s Purchase of WhatsApp Crazy?

    07/07/2014 Duration: 29min
  • Outside The Box 011: The Ukrainian Protests – RealPolitik versus Real Progress

    30/06/2014 Duration: 38min
  • Outside the Box 010: Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Drug Addiction

    23/06/2014 Duration: 27min
  • Outside the Box 009: Immigration and the Economy

    16/06/2014 Duration: 29min
  • Outside the Box 008: Same Sex Marriage

    09/06/2014 Duration: 37min
  • Outside the Box 007: Marijuana Legalization

    02/06/2014 Duration: 34min
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