Identifying False Prophets, False Teachers The Narrow Way Matthew Chapter 7

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Have you ever wanted to know what fruit you need to look for to identify some of the false prophets, false teachers and wolves that are teaching us today? Have you ever wanted to know what bad fruit looked like and what sort of signs and lives false teachers and false prophets would be showing us so we can discern that we are being led astray? Have you ver wanted to know what the Narrow Way looks like and what the Board way that leads to hell and destruction looks like and what you need to do to be on the narrow way and the difficult path that Jesus pokes in Matthew Chapter 7. What do these false prophets and false teachers teach that is wrong, and how does the property gospel that they preach lead you into life of lawlessness where you can lose your salvation and eternal life? Is it possible teachers such as Creflo Dollar and Kenneth and Gloria Copeland could be teaching you a false Gospel that could be taking them to hell and you with them? How can you live a life that bears much fruit, so you are not cut off and thrown into the fire, and so you are not found ot be lukewarm and vomited out to Jesus' mouth? How can you live a life founded on the rock so that you can stand in the Day of the Lord that is soon coming to the world? Listen, as I share some truth about Matthew Chapter 7, in a way that you may not have ever heard it preached before. Have an open mind, follow my channel and start to here the real truth that will set you free. Come and listen to a hard gospel and learn how to walk the difficult path that will lead to eternal life.