• By Henri Bergson
  • Publisher: FV Éditions

The subject of the significance of dreams, so long ignored, has suddenly become a matter of energetic study and of fiery controversy the world over. The cause of this revival of...

Psychology And Crime
  • By Hugo Münsterberg
  • Publisher: FV Éditions

" I have written the following popular sketches, which select only a few problems in which psychology and law come in contact. They deal essentially with the mind of the witness...

The Human Machine
  • By Arnold Bennett
  • Publisher: Interactive Media

In a characteristic for Arnold Bennett humorous style he takes us through ideas and techniques of staying sane and mindful. The book is about an idea which can transform a human...

The Laws Of Recall
  • By Warren Hilton
  • Publisher: Interactive Media

The purpose of this book is to make clear certain mental principles and processes, namely, those of Retention, Association and Recall. Incidentally, as with every book in this...

A Young Girl's Diary
  • By Sigmund Freud 
  • Publisher: Interactive Media

This diary is a gem. Never before, I believe, has anything been written enabling us to see so clearly into the soul of a young girl, belonging to our social and cultural stratum,...

Applied Psychology: Making Your Own World
  • By Warren Hilton
  • Publisher: Interactive Media

Whatever you know or think you know, of the external world comes to you through some one of your five primary senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, or some one of the...

Understanding The 5 Human Types
  • By Elsie and Ralph Benedict
  • Publisher: Interactive Media

This book will introduce you to the art of understanding anthropology of human composition. What makes one person more suited to work with people and another one to deal with...

Anxiety Workbook: How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (cbt) Can Help You Overcome Panic Attacks, Phobias And Social Anxiety. Regain Your Emotional Control
  • By Robert Green
  • Duration: 3:04:44
  • Narrator: Bill Anciaux
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Do you feel overwhelmed by anxiety? Have you experienced a panic attack not knowing how to deal with it? You can't stop worrying about your life? These problems are more common...

A General Introduction To Psychoanalysis
  • By Sigmund Freud 
  • Publisher: Enrico Conti

Introduction to Psychoanalysis (German: Vorlesungen zur Einführung in die Psychoanalyse) is a set of lectures given by Sigmund Freud 1915-17 (published 1916-17), which became...

How To Analyze People On Sight
  • By Elsie Benedict
  • Publisher: David De Angelis

What Newspapers Have Said About Elsie Benedict and Her Work "Over fifty thousand people heard Elsie Lincoln Benedict at the City Auditorium during her six weeks lecture...

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