Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson has over 20 years experience DJing in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Starting at the DOME nightclub in 1998, Virgin Marys and Diva Bar Scott started what was...

Anselm Anderson

A rock DJ for WBRFM. I broadcast a weekly rock show, and soon a podccast and lyrics show

A Christmas Carol

One night at Christmas, Ebenezer Scrooge, a mean and greedy man, gets a visit from the ghost of his dead business partner. The ghost warns him about the awful punishment that...

A Christmas Carol

first published in London by Chapman & Hall in 1843 and illustrated by John Leech. A Christmas Carol recounts the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an elderly miser who is visited by the...

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol has never been out of print since it was first published in 1843, and no wonder! This ghostly little book creates the feeling of Christmas that we still enjoy...

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens’ Christmas classic—written in time for the 1843 holiday season—sold out its initial printing of 6,000 copies in one day. It remains Dickens’ most widely...

Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson is an Award Winning Media Personality, Business Coach and Branding Expert. Dave shares his expertise and knowledge on everything from entrepreneurship to pop culture.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is a novella by English author Charles Dickens. It was first published by Chapman & Hall on 19 December 1843. Carol tells the story of a bitter old miser named... Carols

This December, is taking a look at the meaning of familiar Christmas songs during the message series, Carols. To get in the spirit of the season, you can download...

A Christmas Carol

Dicken's classic morality tale which lead the way with its themes of nostalgia and festive redemption. Read by celebrated British Actor Sir Timothy Ackroyd

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