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Narcís Presas, a prop dels seixanta anys, s’ha retirat a un casalot enmig del bosc amb la intenció de matar Amanieu de Palol, el protagonista de la sèrie de novel•la...


PIXELATED is a game and tech podcast! We talk about the latest and greatest news!

Amazing Living With D&l Previews

Amazing Living is a podcast for people who are serious about transforming their lives from Common, Average, and Ordinary, and making it truly AMAZING!Dawn & Lucky Read are truly...

D. L. Moody - Why God Used

D.L Moody - Why God Used is an impressive book about the life and work of one of the most important preachers of all time.A book about faith and perseverance. Written by R.A...


I will stop the crime is in this planet I will be Justice I would have found clean because they call me Vector a Tyrell and I will help the police anything I have on there well...


Julian a.k.a J.D: Host (1/2) & Creator (1/2) of the "Life, Lessons, & Blessings" Podcast . I'm just an up & coming creative entrepreneur who's making the most out of...

Safira Allen

...Empowering Others to Establish their Vision! Just Be Yourself! Real Talk!

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