Welcome to the Armstrong podcast, where amazing things happen.

Creeping With Armstrong

Creeping With Armstrong is a podcast by two childhood friends hurtling towards their 40's. With a love of all things geeky from Ant-Man to Zardoz, with many a tangent on the way....

Matthew Armstrong

Seeing things for what they are you have to ask your self this question... Why me?

Herbert Armstrong, Poisoner

Herbert Armstrong was a Welsh solicitor who murdered his wife by administering arsenic. His life was marked by love affairs and dubious business dealings. It is also probable that...

Nick Armstrong

Welcome to the Nick Armstrong podcast, where amazing things happen.

Armstrong and Charlie

Charlie isn't looking forward to sixth grade. If he starts sixth grade, chances are he'll finish it. And when he does, he'll grow older than the brother he recently lost....

The Armstrong Lie

Sarah Adamson interviews documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney, who was hired to make a film about Lance Armstrong's comeback.But the film he ended up making was quite different. We...

Dawid David

Welcome to the Dawid David podcast, where Grace is my pride

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