I was the golden child. The one all the Cerberus guys looked up to. I was on my way to becoming the next career Marine.But after my last deployment to Syria, being a Marine was no...

Firefighter Griffin

Single mom Hayley Parker has always had to face every parenting challenge on her own—but when her five-year-old son unexpectedly turns into a lion cub, she finds herself...

Flash Gordon

Starting April 22, 1935, the strip was adapted into The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon, a 26-episode weekly radio serial. The series followed the strip very...

Eddie Griffin: E-Niggma

Veteran comedian, film & television star, Eddie Griffin, takes the television viewing audience inside The Sayers Club at the historic and Iconic Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las...

Griffin First Sermons

Griffin First: an Encounter Life Church Sermons


This is a show about Gordon and what he understands of his world.

Griffin Of Darkwood

Will Poppy has always been fascinated with writing - he thinks there’s something almost... magical about it. But when his mother passes away, Will finds himself stuck living...

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Griffin Theatre Company

Griffin Theatre Company is Australias leading new writing theatre.

Griffin Poetry Prize

Selected Readings from Griffin Poetry Prize Shortlists

Ryan Griffin

Welcome to the Ryan Griffin podcast, where amazing things happen.

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