Jail Tales With Cherry Martinez

Weekly Podcast featuring stories from behind the wall hosted by Cherry Martinez

The King and Jai

One young American tutor + one dangerously sexy widowed king = conflict, chaos, misadventure and lots and lots of sexytimes JaiFor the record, sleeping with my boss was not part...

Chander Mohan Jain Memorial Lecture Series

On Wednesday, November 12th, the annual Chander Mohan Jain Memorial Lecture Series presented the lecture, "Is Jainism Suitable for Modern Times?"given by Vastupal Parikh, PhD.

Keeping young offenders out of jail

Juvenile offenders kept under supervision close to home, rather than in secure, state-run facilities, are significantly less likely to be arrested again or commit more serious...

Diy Creative Podcast With Senator Jaiz

Talking about the challenges facing DIY artists of all types.

Staywoke W. Torian And Jai

One of the most CONTROVERSIAL shows you'll listen to... Two opinions from two people with REAL convos and comments on everday and controversial topics...

Blue Foot Jai's Drum And Bass Podcast

A liquid DnB mix - all tracks are my own compositions......enjoy and spread the word.

Abbott and Costello: Lou Goes to Jail

Costello has to get rid of $38,000 before the income tax is due, so the boys visit the race track.

The Night Dad Went to Jail What to Expect When Someone You Love Goes to Jail

When someone you love goes to jail, you might feel lost, scared, and even mad. What do you do? No matter who your loved one is, this story can help you through the tough times.

Food Jail - Breaking The Bars Of Binge Eating

Do you constantly think about food, your body shape or weight? Do you feel guilty if you eat something 'bad' or miss out on a gym session?Do you experience negative thoughts that...

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