King James Version: James Holy Bible in Audio

Much like the wisdom literature in the OT, James offers snippets of wisdom to Christians. The practical instruction he gives serves to motivate believers to be doers not just...

Short Stories by M. R. James

Best remembered for his ghost stories, this is a collection of M.R. James' finest works.

Post-traumatic Church Syndrome: A Memoir Of Humor And Healing

This reading group guide for Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome includes discussion questions and ideas for enhancing your book club. The suggested questions are intended to help...

Habakkuk: King James Version

Have you ever questioned God's goodness because of all the evil and suffering in the world? Habakkuk can relate. The prophet laments to God about the injustices He is allowing...

King James Version: Isaiah

In this popular Old Testament book, we learn that God will unleash judgment on a rebellious Israel, but also that He will redeem His people with deep compassion. The prophet...

Riley Stewart

For the Visionaries & the Hustlers

Rileys Resist

Politics is a family affair. A politics podcast starring Holly the doggo. Also featuring Jonathan Riley and Jessica Riley.

Captain Riley

It's 1941, and Captain Alexander M. Riley and his crew of deep-sea treasure hunters believe they're setting off on yet another adventure-to find a mysterious artifact off the...

Mark Riley

No Madam, your monkey's quite right


Nolan Clark is the last man standing. While he is happy his teammates have found love, he's even happier to be single. But fate is a funny thing. When a one-night stand turns into...

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