Her Again

A portrait of a woman, an era, and a profession: the first thoroughly researched biography of Meryl Streep—the “Iron Lady” of acting, nominated for nineteen...

Michael Colyar's Back

Actor, comedian, entertainer, voiceover master, television/radio personality, and author, Michael Colyar, leaves a positive imprint on the crowd with his thought-provoking humor...

Conflict Is Not Abuse Overstating Harm, Community Responsibility, and the Duty of Repair

From intimate relationships to global politics, Sarah Schulman observes a continuum: that inflated accusations of harm are used to avoid accountability. Illuminating the...

Theory of Bastards

"Stage four. Surgery. Recovering." While those are the simple words that once described Dr. Francine Burk's situation, the reality is much more complex. Her new reality is bacon...

Come With Me: A Novel

From Helen Schulman, the acclaimed author of the New York Times bestseller This Beautiful Life, comes another "gripping, potent, and blisteringly well-written story of family,...

Michael McDonald: Model. Citizen

Michael McDonald returns home to Orange County for his debut stand-up comedy special: Model. Citizen.

Michael Kosta: Comedy for Attractive People

LA based stand-up comedian, Michael Kosta, recorded Comedy for Attractive People at the Comedy Store in La Jolla. Listen to Fox Sports 1's funniest panelist on Crowd Goes Wild...

Specimen Days with author Michael Cunningham

Michael Cunningham (The Hours) sits down with Stacey D'Erasmo to discuss his novel Specimen Days. Isaiah Sheffer reads an excerpt.

IRL with Nev Schulman

You have seen him as the host of MTVs hit-show, Catfish; now get to know Nev Schulman In Real Life. Tune in every Thursday morning.

Schulman Och Gårdinger

Calle Schulman och Pontus Gårdingers succépodcast.

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