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We are two young people discovering the world around us by way of facts and discussion.

Barry Lyndon

Barry Lyndon is a picaresque novel by William Makepeace Thackeray, first published as a serial in Fraser's Magazine in 1844, about a member of the Irish gentry trying to become a...

Barry Lyndon

Like Tom Jones before him, Barry Lyndon is one of the most lively and roguish characters in English literature. He may now be best known through the colourful Stanley Kubrick film...

Barry Lyndon

Set in the 18th century, Barry Lyndon is the fictional autobiography of an adventurer and rogue. Born into the petty Irish gentry, and outmanoeuvred in his first love-affair, a...

Abram As Cortinas

O minilivro de Luiz Anthony traz poesias em estilo próprio, desde os mais variados temas de nosso cotidiano até fatos imaginários e recortes da realidade. Selecionadas entre os...

VIP: Stacey Abrams Voting Visionary

Get ready to fight for what’s right with Stacey Abrams in this exciting middle grade nonfiction biography. Perfect for fans of the Who Was and Little Leaders series, the...

Common Knowledge With Abram

A podcast for mature adults expressing unpopular opinions on popular news culture.

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