The Hand That Feeds You: A Novel

“An unnerving, elegant page-turner” (Vanity Fair) of psychological suspense about a woman in an intense sexual relationship with a man who turns out to be a...

William Tyndale The Smuggler's Flame

William Tyndale lived a life of adventure and danger, dodging the king's men, fleeing from his enemies and meeting with smugglers in the dead of night. What brought a...

Game on! Climbing the Hill

Devin's strength in running hills helps him to win for the first time all season.

Conversion Theory

Plague. Infection. Death. Civilization is gone, assaulted by the walking dead. Within these pages lies a man's tale of unspeakable horror and humor told during the zombie...

The Domino Lady All's Fair in War

1935, San Diego! The femme fatale of the pulps, The Domino Lady, investigates the disappearance of an actual one million dollar bill from an International Exposition....

What Southern Women Know About Faith: Kitchen Table Stories And Back Porch Comfort

Bestselling author, speaker, and columnist Ronda Rich draws on her rich legacy as an 11th generation Southerner to celebrate the faith heritage of our country’s Steel Magnolias.

Selling Technology the Sandler Way Finding Technical Solutions that Win Long-Term Business Relationships

In Selling Technology the Sandler Way, Rich Chiarello offers sales teams tasked with selling technical solutions a proven program for success, based on the Sandler Selling System....

Elevate The Three Disciplines of Advanced Strategic Thinking

According to a study published in Chief Executive Magazine, the most valued skill in leaders today is strategic thinking. However, more than half of all companies say that...

Looking Up

Jordan has to cover a player 4 inches taller than him on defense.

Game On!: Shutout

Jordan and his team focus on defense to beat a good team in floor hockey.

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