The Twelve Days of Christmas

Sing this story! It isn’t a secret that using songs to teach children early learning skills is fun and successful. From the first to the twelfth, young readers will find...

The Legend of Bigfoot

It’s a huge, smelly monster that stomps through the woods. It roars in the night as it hunts for food. Stories of Bigfoot are heard all over North America. Is it possible the...

The Legend of the Bermuda Triangle

In the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, planes and ships have vanished without a trace. Stories say something is taking these vehicles. Is it possible the legends are true?

The Legend of the Zombie

They're walking dead people who are dazed and confused! Stories of zombies are in many parts of the world. Is it possible the legends are true?

Robots at Home

Robots work in homes every day. Some vacuum floors or mow lawns. Others keep people company. And some help kids have fun! What robots might you find in someone's home? Read this...

Learn about Authors and Illustrators

Just what does an author do? How about an illustrator? And who can do these interesting jobs? Find the answers to these questions and more in this book all about the people who...

Good Manners in Public

Good manners in public do matter! Learn which behaviors to use and which to avoid to be respectful in public. Then see how these simple lessons can be used in fun stories of...

Share Your Book Report

You just read a wonderful book! Are you ready to share what you learned? How can you tell your friends what you loved about the story? This book will tell you all about writing...

How I Pack My Lunch

What routine do you follow to pack a healthy lunch? See how this responsible student plans a meal.

Comportamiento y modales en el autobús escolar/Manners on the School Bus

What should you say to the bus driver? Find out how good manners make bus rides pleasant for everyone.

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