The Mixed-up Fish Dance

Marisa tries to play a different role in the annual dance.

The Bells of Springtime

What springtime sound is like the jingling of a thousand bells? Tiny tree frogs called spring peepers!

A New Look at Hummingbirds

How does a hummingbird's thin beak snatch bugs from the air?

Acorn by Acorn

Scientists study the activities of blue jays realizing that the birds help our planet by planting oak trees.

Baboons Mean Mischief

Cecil writes about the Lion and Cheetah Park in Africa where a troop of baboons led by a dominant male going by the name of Mango wreaks havoc among visitors and tourists.

Building a Better Shortcut

Ben learns how a cruise ship passes through the Panama Canal using a water elevator called a lock.

Flying Copycats

Starlings imitate the sounds they most often hear. They use their talent for mimicry to attract mates and defend their nests.

From Pit to Pond

See how a backyard hole becomes a beautiful home for many little creeatures.

Getting Betty Ready

Chloe shows the proper care of a horse before and after a ride.

Hide-and-Seek School

These dogs train to rescue people from avalanches.

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